Official ServerEdit

Name IP Status Runs mod version Forge


LOTR Mod Official Server Offline until Nov. 7 Latest

Unofficial ServersEdit

The following list is sorted in alphabetical order. (Editors, keep it like this!)

Server Name Server IP Status Mod Version Forge Version
AncarCraft: The Fourth Age Online Public Beta 34.2 Latest
Lotr-Mine Ru or WIP WIP
The Blue Wizards Online (24/7) 29.6
Lotr kingdoms

Info/Rules: Online


33.7 Latest
Alliance of Middle-Earth Online (24/7) 24.4 Latest Forge
A New Age: The Dominion of Middle Earth Online 24.4
Anuran Minecraft Online Technic Modpack N/A
A Valar Legacy Offline 24.4 Latest forge
Awakening Lotr server Online


Battle of Arda Server Online 24.4 ? Online (24/7) 24.4
CookieNetwork LOTR
(LOTR + Battlegear 2) Online (24/7) 21.3
ChrisMintjes' Fourth Age Server Online (24/7) This Modpack Own Modpack

Dawn of The Ring Online 24.4


A age of mordor [WIP] 24.4

Isildur's Bane LOTR Server Online 24.4
It's a hARDA world
(LOTR + MorePlayerModels2) Online 24.4
LeppycoolLOTRServer Offline 22.2 ?
Lord of the Online (24/7)



only LOTR
LordOfTheRingsMc Online (24/7) 22.4 ?
LOTRBATTLEvec(lotr+Rotten Flesh to leather) room:MINECRAFTLOTRVECTOR)


Online(1/5) 24.4
LOTR Phoenix Online 23.3 Forge
LOTR War of agesDutch/Engish Online (24/7) [1.7.10] The Lord of the Rings Mod B28 Latest 1.7.10
Middle Earth Prison Online 24.4 Latest 1.7.10
Primacraft Online 24.4 (always up to date) latest forge
Steel Armies Lord of the Rings [tel:] Online 24.4
Tales of Ages Online 24/7 24.4
The Middle-Earth Network
(formerly Ages of Arda) Offline - funding problems 22.4 ?
The One Ring WIP 33.8
The One Server to Rule Them All, Lotr Server Online 24.4 1.7.10
Age Of Corruption Online Latest 1.7.10
Âscension of Time Online Latest Latest