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Achievement screen (GUI), 2 of 64 general achievements already earned

There are a great many things to see and do in Middle-earth on your adventures. Along with all the new features of the Mod comes a new, more organized, and more stable achievement system to better record your many accomplishments.

Achievements button or press 'L' & 'A'

To access the achievement list, open the Middle-earth menu by pressing 'L'. Then use the achievements button to get to the list, or press 'A'. Pressing 'L' again at any time will bring you back to the main menu.

On the achievement screen, achievements which have been earned are lit up with red check marks beside them, while the achievements that have not yet been earned are darkened. If achievements can't be unlocked because of your current alignment, they will be removed from the list. That is why the total displayed for the categories and the grand total above the GUI will vary over time.

The arrows at the top of the screen are used to navigate between categories (the scroll bar there allows faster scrolling). The scroll bar to the right moves through the selected category's achievements. Above the GUI, you'll find the grand total including all categories and how many of them you already completed.

Achievement pop-up notification

Similar to vanilla Minecraft, there are two ways to know when you've earned an achievement. The first is a pop-up notification on the upper right corner of the screen. The second is a notification in the chat box, which can be seen by other players as well.

Special Features[]

The new achievement system differs from the vanilla system in a number of ways.

  • Storage: Achievements are stored per-world, and they never reset. Say goodbye to the annoyances of ruining your legitimate survival worlds by earning the achievements on a creative world, and of seeing the 'Taking Inventory' prompt over and over again!
  • Influence of alignment: With alignment being such a key feature in the Mod, a lot of the Middle-earth achievements depend on it. Some achievements can be earned only by good players, some only by evil players, and some are available to both sides - although they may be easier to obtain for a certain alignment. At first all achievements will be shown, but once you raise or lower your alignment you will only be able to see the achievements appropriate to that side.
  • Influence of pledges: Ranks related to a certain faction can only be accessed up to +100.0 alignment. All higher ranks are only achievable if you pledge allegiance to this faction.
  • Categories: Due to the amount of new achievements, the vanilla 'branching' display system has been thrown out in favour of a new more easily navigable category-based system. There are several categories including a 'General' category as well as a category for each major region of Middle-earth (some minor biomes are combined into one large region, such as 'Rhovanion'). Each achievement belongs to a single category.
  • Progress display: The achievement screen also displays progress counts once you have reached either +1 or -1 alignment. At the top of the screen, your progress for all achievements in all categories is shown. Each category also has an individual progress count. These progress counts only take into account achievements your player is able to earn, not achievements from the opposite alignment side.


Need an incentive to start collecting achievements? Then it might interest you to know that some shields can only be unlocked if the player earns a certain minimum amount of achievements. A bronze adventurer's shield requires 25 completed achievements, a silver adventurer's shield requires 50 achievements, a gold adventurer's shield requires 100 achievements, and the rare mithril shield requires 200 achievements.

In addition, the earning of achievements also unlocks a greater number of custom waypoints available to the player.


If you want to cheat, and have the necessary rights, you can change the achievement settings by using the following command:

/lotrAchievement give|remove <achievement> [player]

Gives or removes the specified achievement to/from yourself or another player. all may be used with remove to remove all achievements. all does not work with give. The player's name is optional. When no player is set, the command will affect yourself.

List of Achievements[]

The following is a list of all possible achievements and how to achieve them. They are organized by region, just like they are in the Mod.

Important: As mentioned above, the number of achievements shown on the screen varies with the alignment gained. So before removing entries from the following list, make sure that they have been removed from the Mod. Use the command /alignment set all 0 to check this. And even with alignment 0, some of the ranks' achievements will be suppressed.

The section headings below mostly show two or three numbers for the totals. The first is the count you get for 0 alignment, and the others are the numbers of additional ranks you can get after you are pledged to the related factions. Note that in this case, some of the other achievements (such as the "slayer" achievement) will be removed.

The total amount of achievements is 561 (at alignment 0, including 11 Utumno achievements) plus 106 (ranks after pledging), as of Update 35. This is completely theoretical because the player never can reach this, as some get removed, when you earn positive or negative alignment or pledge to a faction. Sadly, there's no achievement if you've gathered all possible achievements (something like 517 of 517).

General (Total: 63)[]

  • First Steps: Enter Middle-earth
  • Out of Your Door: Travel to 10 different regions of Middle-earth
  • Dangerous Business: Travel to 20 different regions of Middle-earth
  • The Road Goes Ever On...: Travel to 30 different regions of Middle-earth
  • ...Down From the Door...: Travel to 40 different regions of Middle-earth
  • ...Where It Began: Travel to 50 different regions of Middle-earth
  • Alcoholism: Achieve a fearsome level of alcohol tolerance
  • Bigger on the Inside: Acquire a pouch
  • Blacksmith: Reforge an item at an anvil.
  • Bring Him Down!: Kill a bomb-carrying orc before he drops the bomb
  • Bronze Award: Craft a bronze ingot by combining copper and tin
  • Burning Sensation: Drink an Orc Draught
  • Craftmaster: Collect ten different Middle-earth crafting tables in your inventory
  • David and Goliath: Kill a large foe with a pebble fired from a sling
  • Double Bronze: Smelt bronze ingots in any alloy forge
  • Drunkard: Suffer the effects of an alcoholic drink
  • Dwarfbane: Earn a weapon renowned for slaying Dwarves
  • Elfbane: Earn a weapon renowned for slaying Elves
  • Expert Knowledge: Pay a smith to upgrade two smith's scrolls into a more skilful one
  • Fearsome: Complete a player hunting mini-quest
  • Filthy Rich: Earn 1000 coins from a single trade
  • Fluttering By: Catch a butterfly in a jar
  • Get Off My Land!: Forcefully remove a rabbit who is eating your crops
  • Hail the Victorious: Defeat an invasion
  • Headhunter: Complete five player hunting mini-quests
  • Here Do I Swear: Pledge service to a faction
  • Hooligan: Kill a foe while drunk
  • Hundreds will Die!: Thousands ... Hire more than 100 hired troops. (According to the LOTR Mod code.)
  • I Smell Man-flesh!: Eat a hunk of man-flesh
  • It's Our Birthday: Catch a ring with a fishing rod
  • Kingsfoil: Find the Athelas herb
  • Kitchen Brawler: Kill a foe using nothing but thrown plates
  • Life to the Dying: Drink a mug of Athelas Brew
  • Looking for an Adventure: Speak with the Grey Wanderer and complete his mini-quest
  • Master Hunter: Equip a full suit of fur armour
  • Merciless: Kill a butterfly
  • More than Meets the Eye: Suffer a blow from an orc spear while wearing a mithril chestplate
  • Not This Day!: Kill a player who is hunting you for a mini-quest
  • Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit: Make some rabbit stew
  • Oh, Deer!: Cook some venison
  • One Man's Trash: Trade with a travelling Oddment Collector
  • Orc Slayer: Kill an orc
  • Orcbane: Earn a weapon renowned for slaying Orcs
  • Shots Fired: Kill a foe with a bolt fired from a crossbow
  • Sick Joke: Drink from a skull cup
  • Speared!: Score a kill with a spear from a distance of at least 50m
  • Spiderbane: Earn a weapon renowned for slaying Spiders
  • Stand and Deliver!: Kill a bandit who has stolen some items
  • Stocking Up: Collect two stacks of crossbow bolts in your inventory
  • Suspicious...: Produce some suspicious meat from questionable ingredients
  • The Conqueror: Lay claim to some land by protecting it with a faction banner
  • The Tides of the World: Survey your faction's conquest strength
  • The Undoing: Melt down an item in the unsmeltery
  • Three Stinking Days!: Eat some maggoty bread
  • Time to Drink!: Start brewing a drink in a barrel
  • Time to Ride!: Craft a saddle with three leather and two iron ingots
  • Traditional Dish: Make an apple crumble
  • Treasures of Old: Equip a full suit of mithril armour
  • Trollbane: Earn a weapon renowned for slaying Trolls
  • True-silver: Mine some mithril ore
  • Warg Rider: Saddle and ride a Warg
  • Warg Slayer: Kill a Warg
  • Wargbane: Earn a weapon renowned for slaying Wargs
  • What has it Got...: Commit a successful act of pickpocketry
  • Wightbane: Earn a weapon renowned for slaying Wights

The Shire (Total: 20+5)[]

Blue Mountains (Total: 14+5)[]

Lindon (Total: 14+5)[]

Eriador (Total: 47+4+4)[]

Bree-land (Total: 19+4)[]

  • Bree-land Guest: Reach +10 alignment with Bree-land
  • Bree-land Friend: Reach +50 alignment with Bree-land
  • Bree-land Townsman: Reach +100 alignment with Bree-land
  • Bree-land Trustee: Pledge and reach +200 alignment with Bree-land
  • Champion of Bree: Pledge and reach +500 alignment with Bree-land
  • Captain of Bree: Pledge and reach +1000 alignment with Bree-land
  • Master of Bree: Pledge and reach +2000 alignment with Bree-land
  • Of Hobbits and Men: Enter the region of Bree-land
  • Ruffians' Haunt: Enter the forest of Chetwood
  • Bree-Man Slayer: Kill a Man of Bree
  • Traveller's Help: Complete a Bree-land mini-quest
  • The Greenway Watch: Hire a unit from a Bree-land Sherriff
  • Bree-land Crafter: Craft an item on the Bree-land Crafting Table
  • Arms for the Road: Trade with a Bree-land Blacksmith
  • Barliman's Best: Trade with a Bree-land Innkeeper
  • Bree-hobbit Slayer: Kill a Hobbit of Bree
  • Ruffian Slayer: Kill a Ruffian Spy
  • Et tu, Brute?: Kill a Ruffian Brute
  • Dodgy Dealings: Complete a Ruffian Spy mini-quest
  • Ruff 'n' Tumble: Complete a Ruffian Brute mini-quest and earn his service
  • Insider Bargains: Trade with a stallkeeper in a Bree-land Market
  • One for Bill Ferny: Buy an apple from a Bree-land Farmer
  • Honest Work: Hire a farmhand from a Bree-land Farmer

Angmar (Total: 13+4)[]

Eregion (Total: 1)[]

  • Faded Splendor: Enter the land of Eregion

Enedwaith (Total: 3)[]

Dunland (Total: 11+4)[]

Misty Mountains (Total: 3)[]

Forodwaith (Total: 1)[]

Rhovanion (Total: 10)[]

Mirkwood (Total: 24+5+4)[]

Dale (Total: 14+4)[]

Iron Hills (Total: 20+5)[]

Lothlórien (Total: 15+5)[]

Fangorn (Total: 10+2)[]

Rohan (Total: 33+5+4)[]

Gondor (Total: 48+5)[]

Nindalf (Total: 5)[]

Mordor (Total: 31+5)[]

Dorwinion (Total:19+5)[]

Rhûn (Total: 21+5)[]

Orocarni (Total: 1)[]

Near Harad (Total: 45+5)[]

Far Harad (Total: 14+4)[]

Far Harad Jungle (Total: 16+4)[]

Perdorogwaith (Total: 11+4)[]

Belegaer (Total: 2)[]

  • Pillar of the Heavens: Travel to the summit of Meneltarma
  • To the Sea!: Travel to the the seas surrounding Middle-earth

Utumno (Total: 11)[]

Note: Utumno achievements will only be unlocked and viewable when the player enters Utumno.

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