‘I am afraid we must go back to the Road here for a while,’ said Strider. ‘We have now come to the River Hoarwell, that the Elves call Mitheithel. It flows down out of the Ettenmoors, the troll-fells north of Rivendell, and joins the Loudwater away in the South.

–The Fellowship of the Ring, Flight to the Ford

The Angle is a wild land that lies between the rivers Hoarwell and Loudwater. However, it is in this very land that the last settlements of the Dúnedain of the North lie, hidden and well guarded by the skilful Rangers and Outriders of the Dúnedain.

The Biome itself is quite similar to neighbouring Lone-lands, featuring vast grassland plains, rolling hills and occasional scattered Forests.

Upon entering this guarded land one receives the achievement, "____________________".


Biome variants


There are five structures that can currently be found in the Angle, all of which are found exclusively in the Dúnedain Village generated Structure.

  • Dúnedain House: Small Structures constructed of wooden planks, beams and thatch, present in every village.
  • Dúnedain Village: A somewhat larger variant of the Dúnedain House, present in every village.
  • Dúnedain Stables: Structures built similarly to the Dúnedain Lodge however with the addition of stable stalls, present in every village.
  • Dúnedain Blacksmith: Structures consisting of a utility block and a small hut similar to the Dúnedain House, present in every village.
  • Dúnedain Well: A small wooden well featured in every village.
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