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Some content may no longer be in the mod!

This page contains content on features that are no longer part of the current version of the mod.

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Angmar Orc Warriors were a type of Orc that resided in the old kingdom of the Witch-King, Angmar.

This mob has been removed from the game as of Public Beta 24. Since the Mod takes place after the fall of Angmar, it made no sense to have them in-game.


Angmar Orc Warriors were exclusive to Angmar and the Angmar Mountains, where they spawned in small groups or individually. As with all Orcs, they could spawn riding Wargs.

An Angmar Orc Warrior in Angmar

Their appearance was similar to that of a standard Orc, except for the fact that they wore Morgul armour (without the helm), used Morgul Blades and were slightly larger.


Angmar Orc Warriors were much more powerful than the other Angmar orcs because they dealt more damage and had more health (they had 25 health points, compared to the normal Orc's 18). They were also very deadly, giving any player or mob the wither effect when they hit them with their Morgul Blade.

Like all warrior NPCs, they would attack any player or NPC negatively aligned to their faction on sight. Unlike regular Orcs, they gave a bonus of two alignment to enemy factions when slain.


Angmar Orc Warriors could be hired from Angmar Orc Chieftains, who are found in Angmar Towers, both on foot and mounted. The player could hire these Orcs on foot with 300 Angmar alignment and at a cost of 20 silver coins. Angmar Orc Warriors riding Wargs would cost considerably more.

Advantages Disadvantages
Fairly inexpensive unit considering its strength No longer in the current mod version
Better health and armour than normal Orcs No ranged attack
Inflict the wither effect Can only be hired from Angmar; thus, it may be hard to replace lost troops when travelling

These mobs were removed from the mod in Public Beta 24 because they were viewed as uncanon, and far too powerful for the remnants of a long-destroyed kingdom. Thankfully for Angmar players, they were replaced with a new subfaction, the Hill-Men of Rhudaur.