His coat of mail was arranged on a stand in the hall (until he lent it to a Museum).

The Hobbit

The Armour Stand is a useful device to show off different pieces of armour.

Note that this armour stand is a different item (though it serves the same purpose) from the armour stand added in Minecraft 1.8, which can be found here.



vanilla crafting recipe
any stick
any stick
Armour Stand

Armour stands can easily be obtained in Survival Mode through crafting. The recipe requires two sticks and three stone on a vanilla crafting table. It can also be found in some structures, including the Southron fortress and Wood-elven tower. These armour stands also contain the respective faction armour set, and so are useful to find (especially as the armour is at full durability).

Usage Edit

Armour stands are an efficient solution to displaying your favourite armour. To place armour in the armour stand, right-click it and the inventory of the armour stand will open. You can then place any piece of armour from your inventory in it, one for each slot. Skulls cannot be placed in the armour stand.


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