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This feature is present in: Renewed, Legacy.

The Númenóreans... were of great stature and strength, and their fully-equipped soldiers were accustomed to bear heavy armour and weapons.

–Disaster of the Gladden Fields, Unfinished Tales of Numenor and Middle-earth

Arnorian armour is a relic gear that was added in Public Beta 30. It has the same durability and strength as Gondorian armour, and cannot be crafted. The armour can be repaired to its full durability with iron or other pieces of the same item.


This armour may be obtained from Barrows, Troll hoards, ruined Dúnedain towers and Dúnedain villages, crafting from ancient pieces of armour as well as from killing Troll chieftains and Barrow-wights. In addition, it can be obtained by completing Dúnedain miniquests.

When you equip a full set for the first time, you will get the achievement: "Memories of the North".

HelmetArnor.png BodyArnor.png LegsArnor.png BootsArnor.png

Arnorian Armour
Image Protection Possible modifiers Durability
Arnorian helmet 2 ( 2 ) belegostian, cooling, deflecting, enduring, eölean, glancing, hardy, lasting, poor, tough, and unwithering 297
Arnorian chestplate 6 ( 6 ) belegostian, cooling, crude, deflecting, enduring, eölean, glancing, hardy, lasting, poor, steadfast, tough, and unwithering 432
Arnorian leggings 5 ( 5 ) belegostian, cooling, crude, deflecting, enduring, eölean, glancing, hardy, lasting, poor, tough, and unwithering 405
Arnorian boots 2 ( 2 ) belegostian, cooling, deflecting, enduring, eölean, glancing, hardy, lasting, lightfooted, poor, strongshod, thicksoled, tough, and unwithering 351
Ranger Shield.png  The Dúnedain of the North  Ranger Banner.PNG

NPCs: DúnedainRanger (Banner Bearer, Outrider)
Traders: BlacksmithCaptain
Items: Armour (Arnorian) • Gondorian BowRanger Bow
Blocks: Arnor BrickCrafting Table
Structures: CampRuined TowerVillageWatchtower


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