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Arrows are an item from vanilla Minecraft. As in the vanilla game, within the Lord of the Rings Mod they are used as ammunition for bows.


The player can obtain arrows in many different ways, some of which are easier than others.


One of the easiest ways to obtain arrows is to make them yourself. Arrows can be crafted using flint, easily obtained by grinding gravel, (or horn, obtained by hunting animals), a stick, and a feather (or Swan Feather), giving four arrows.

vanilla crafting recipe
Flint or Horn
any stick

From NPC'sEdit

Most NPC's that use a bow, ranging from Rohirrim bowmen to Southron Archers to Lindon Elves, will drop between 0 and 2 arrows upon death. If you use a hired army, you can use this tactic to get large quantities of arrows from your slain foes for use later.


Another way to obtain arrows is by trading using coins. The following NPC's will sell you arrows, if your alignment is suitable:


Many structures can contain arrows as part of their loot. The exact quantity you'll get from each stack varies, but it's typically up to about 8 arrows per stack.


Arrows are, of course, used with the Mod's bows as ammunition. Because every bow in the mod (at least at the moment) uses the same kind of arrow, arrows are useful to all players, regardless of their alignment, unless their faction doesn't use bows, in which case arrows will not be of much use.


Arrows can be poisoned (four at a time) by crafting them with a bottle of poison on an Orkish or Haradric crafting table.

Orkish or Haradric crafting recipe
Orkish or Haradric Crafting
Bottle of Poison
Poisoned Arrow

When an entity is hit with a poisoned arrow (shot from a bow), it is inflicted with poison for a short time, similar to the effects of a poisoned dagger. As of Update 35, Orcs have a chance to shoot poisoned arrows.

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