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Bananas are yellow fruits from banana trees, that are found in Far Harad. Each tree bears 4 bananas upon its upper trunk.


Bananas can be found growing on banana trees, they grow in pairs of 4, they do not regrow, so you must chop down the tree and get a sapling to get more bananas.


They can either be eaten alone as a snack or made into Banana Bread, Banana Cake, or Banana Beer for higher food restoration. When eaten alone, each banana restores two  2  hunger points. Harvesting a banana from a tree earns the achievement "Hanging Around".

Bananas are used in the brewing of banana beer and the making of banana bread and banana cake.

Bananas can also be put back to the tree. Just right click it with the banana in your hand. Strangely enough, this works with any kind of tree. So if you want to confuse your friends on the server, put some bananas on an apple tree or on a beech.

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