Baobab Trees are huge trees found in Far Harad. They are extremely thick (9 blocks or so), as well as tall. This makes them a very good source of wood, as you can harvest up to a large pouch full of wood (27x64 blocks) from a single tree.

Spawning[edit | edit source]

This tree grows in the forest, bushland, and savannah regions of Far Harad. They can also be found in Pertorogwaith.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The baobab trees are very wide for their height, with a small canopy and short branches. The wood is a tan color.

Planting/Growing[edit | edit source]

To plant or grow them you'll only need 1 sapling, but a lot of time and/or bonemeal. Make sure that the immediate (and not so immediate) area is clear of all grass, plants, trees, etc, and that you are on relatively level ground. When growing the tree, be careful, as it is possible for it to grow up around you and make you suffocate. If you grow a baobab tree successfully, you will earn the achievement "Mighty Trees".

Uses[edit | edit source]

The tree can be used as an incredible tree house, if you can get it to grow! Just like any other tree, its leaves may be harvested to attain saplings, or the leaf blocks themselves can be harvested with shears. Its raw wood can be harvested by breaking the trunk/branches. A tool is not necessary, but an axe or a battleaxe is greatly recommended.

Baobab wood may be crafted into wooden planks, fences, stairs, an slabs, which can be used just like any other wood product.

Baobab Plank, Fence, Gate, Slab, Log, Leaves, Stairs, and Beam

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • All species of baobab grow in regions that are seasonally arid. Their distinctive shape is due to the large trunk that allows them to store massive amounts of water for dry seasons.
  • Baobabs are also deciduous, shedding their leaves during dry seasons to help conserve water.

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