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The barren dirt block is used in mod generated roads throughout many of the regions of Middle-earth. It also generates as part of many biome poor soils, especially as part of forest floors, in the shade of the trees. Check the category page for more types of dirt.

The appearance is exactly the same as that of vanilla dirt blocks. The physical properties are also the same. In creative mode the barren dirt appears in the 4th slot of the standard blocks tab.

The block represents dirt depleted of nutrients. Grass doesn't naturally spread to these blocks.


Barren dirt blocks can be obtained by shovelling them from roads or poor soils. They can also be created by using salt on dirt or grass.

They can also be crafted with dirt and gravel as shown below.

vanilla crafting recipe


If you want to turn Barren Dirt back into normal dirt, all you need is to combine it with seeds on a . The recipe is shapeless.
vanilla crafting recipe
Like normal dirt and , the barren dirt blocks can also be used to craft dirt path blocks.


  • Before a player could convert barren or ordinary dirt to normal by right clicking it with . This was disabled with the introduction of the silken modifier that enables players to harvest grass blocks.
  • This block is actually a part of the vanilla game since version 1.7, and generates in some biomes, but is not obtainable in creative and will only drop ordinary dirt when broken. In version 1.8 it was made obtainable in the vanilla game and given a name and a distinct texture: .
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