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This feature is present in: Renewed, Legacy.

Wood beams are a type of wooden block that can be used as vertical pillars or horizontal beams, depending on their orientation. They cannot be used to craft slabs.

The beam resembles the bark of the wood it was crafted from, but has the appearance of four thinner trunks bundled together, and most beams are smoother than the associated logs.

Types of beams

As of , all vanilla and mod-added wood types are available as their corresponding wooden beams plus two additional Rohirric beams, which are the normal and gold-trimmed variants. There is a total of 47 different beams.
All 47 wood beams as of .


Crafting is done on a - except for Mallorn beams and both types of Rohirric beams. Mallorn beams are made on the , while Rohirric beams are made on the .

The typical beam crafting recipe is shown here: all beam recipes follow this pattern. They are crafted in batches of three.

Regular Rohirric beams follow the above recipe on a , but the recipe for golden ones is shown here.


Aside from being a fantastic building block, beams can be burned as fuel in forges or ovens.

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