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I should say there were little bears, large bears, ordinary bears, and gigantic big bears, all dancing outside from dark to nearly dawn. They came from almost every direction, except from the west over the river, from the Mountains.

–The Hobbit

Bears are large omnivorous animals that can be found in most of the temperate biomes of Middle-earth, where they are at the top of the food chain.


Bears spawn in most of the temperate biomes of Middle-earth, but they especially like the colder forested biomes. As of Update 34, they can now spawn in one of three different colours, namely light brown, medium brown, or very dark brown. Also, they rarely drop a rug when killed.

A full list of biomes that support bears is presented below.

Because of their occurrence in many biomes, bears are considered common animals. More information on their occurence and that of other common animals can be found on the common animals page.


Unlike in many other video games, bears in Middle-earth are neutral towards the player at first, but if they are provoked by being attacked, they will deal three hearts 6 ( 6 ) to any unarmoured players. As a result, wise adventurers do not attack bears under normal circumstances.

If a bear is attacked, he will counter with feral ferocity, but won't get any assistance from bears close-by. If you hurt a baby bear, all bears in the vicinity will turn nasty on you, even if you have just fed them.

Bears generally do not pay much attention to NPC's, unless the NPC provokes them. This is most likely to occur if the NPC is in combat and accidentally hits the bear instead of their intended target with a projectile, such as a spear, arrow, bolt, or pebble. Due to bears' high health and attack strength, they will often emerge victorious in such battles.


Bears can be fed with raw fish (Fish.png) to let them mate. Baby bears grow to maturity after some time.


Drop Rarity Quantity Image
Fur Always 1-3 Fur.png
Bearskin rug Rare 1 BearskinRugs.gif
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