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Were you looking for the Uruk-hai of Saruman?

A troop of heavy-armed uruks from Barad-dûr charged into the Durthang line and threw them into confusion.

The Return of the King, The Land of Shadow

Black Uruks are some of the strongest fighting units the hosts of Mordor have to offer. They are the elite of Sauron, capable of withstanding the sun and slaughtering nearly anything that gets in their way. They can be hired from Black Uruk Captains.


The Black Uruks spawn exclusively in Mordor, where they can spawn day and night due to ash clouds from Mount Doom that block out the sun. They are less common than their weaker brethren, and tend to spawn in small groups. Larger concentrations of them can be found in certain fortresses.

Black Uruks can also spawn as part of invasions, both for Mordor itself and for their own dedicated Black Uruk subfaction.


Black Uruks will attack any foes of Mordor on sight. As with rank-and-file Mordor Orcs, the chance of being attacked decreases the higher a player's alignment gets, and when one's alignment reaches +100 for Mordor, they will no longer be targetted.

Unlike regular Orcs, Black Uruks are unable to ride Wargs, and they are not weakened by the sun. They will be just as strong during the day as they are at night, something that can't be said for lesser Orcs. Black Uruks have an increased sight range of 24 blocks instead of the default 16, likely because they're taller.

Black Uruks always spawn wearing a full set of Black Uruk Armour - unlike with many other units, there is no chance for them to spawn without helmets. They carry Black Uruk Equipment in combat, as well as Shields of the Dark Elite (which are purely cosmetic).

A Black Uruk with two Mordor Orc Archers


Black Uruks commonly drop rotten flesh and also have a few rarer drop possibilities, such as Black Uruk steel ingots and Orc draught. Additionally, they have a moderate chance to drop some of the equipment or armour they are carrying. They will very rarely drop shiny shirts upon their death.

Drop Rarity Quantity Image
Rotten Flesh Common 1-2 Rotten Flesh.png
Orc Draught Uncommon 1 Orc Draught.png
Black Uruk Steel Ingot Uncommon 1 BlackUrukSteel.png
Black Uruk Cleaver Rare 1 ScimitarBlackUruk.png
Black Uruk Spear Rare 1 SpearBlackUruk.png
Black Uruk Warhammer Rare 1 HammerBlackUruk.png
Black Uruk Battleaxe Rare 1 BattleaxeBlackUruk.png
Black Uruk Dagger Rare 1 DaggerBlackUruk.png
Black Uruk Poisoned Dagger Rare 1 DaggerBlackUrukPoisoned.png
Black Uruk Helmet Rare 1 HelmetBlackUruk.png
Black Uruk Chestplate Rare 1 BodyBlackUruk.png
Black Uruk Leggings Rare 1 LegsBlackUruk.png
Black Uruk Boots Rare 1 BootsBlackUruk.png
Mithril Chestplate Very Rare 1 BodyMithril.png


Black Uruks can be hired from Black Uruk Captains, which spawn at Black Uruk Fortresses. Only players that are pledged to Mordor can hire them, and they have a starting price of 60 silver coins and require at least +400 alignment with Mordor to hire. They are some of the most effective hired units in the mod, capable of defeating most opponents in a one-on-one fight.

Advantages Disadvantages
Extremely strong - can slaughter most opponents Rather expensive
Very strong armour Cannot be mounted
Increased sight range compared to normal NPCs Require pledge to hire
Does not receive debuffs during the day Captains can be hard to find
High health



  • Filthy maggot! Oh, it's you, Person...
  • I seek Man-flesh!
  • Where is the Man-flesh?
  • What do you want?
  • You still don't look like a Goblin-Man, Person!
  • I've had nothing but maggoty bread for three stinking days!
  • Maggoty bread again? Give me some Man-flesh!
  • I can't wait to get my teeth into some Man-flesh!
  • At your service, Person!
  • Soon, Person! Soon we will be at war with the filthy sons of Men!
  • What are you after?
  • The air is foul here.
  • We serve a common master, Person.
  • We shall break their bones and feast on their flesh!
  • Death to the kingdoms of Men! Death to the filthy Elves!
  • We shall swarm into the lands of the free peoples like a plague! Leave nothing alive!
  • What orders from our lord, Person?
  • These rags stink!
  • The world of Men shall be broken and destroyed.
  • Ruin! Ruin to the free peoples!
  • Something smells disgusting here. It's you, Person! Go away!
  • You're not bad for a Man!
  • Man-flesh!
  • The Eye speaks highly of you, Person.
  • If you can get me some Man-flesh, I won't eat you instead! Ha! Ha!
  • The Master is readying us for war. Soon the world of Men shall fall.


  • I smell Man-flesh!
  • I've had nothing but maggoty bread for three stinking days!
  • What are you after, maggot?
  • Follow your orders, scum!
  • You don't look like a Goblin-Man!
  • Do you want something?
  • Don't just stand there! Do something!
  • I don't trust you, maggot!
  • Whom do you serve?
  • Move along, scum!
  • Are you trying to start a fight?
  • You stink!
  • You smell like a rotten maggot!
  • I don't trust filthy Men!
  • Do you serve the great Eye, or those filthy Gondorians?
  • Get out of my sight, worm!
  • Get back to work, scum!


  • Have you not been driven out by our armies yet, scum?
  • I'll bleed you like a stuck pig!
  • Enjoy your last breath, scum!
  • You're nice and fresh!
  • Kill the scum!
  • Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!
  • You stink of fear!
  • Die, Man-scum!
  • Your blood smells fresh!
  • I'll skewer you like a piece of meat!
  • You'd better start running, maggot!
  • Come any closer and I'll stick you like a fresh cut of meat!
  • We dine on Man-flesh tonight!
  • Once I'm done with you, you'll be nothing but a pile of bones!
  • I will feast on your flesh, Man-filth!
  • I'll make dinner out of you!
  • You've messed with the wrong Orc, Man-scum!
  • I will have your head, scum of Gondor!
  • Kill the tark!
  • Filthy tark tried to knife me!
  • Tark scum! Come on, boys!


  • Where's the nearest Man-flesh? I'm starving here!
  • What are your orders, my lord?
  • You may be my commander, Person, but you're still a filthy maggot!
  • I smell Man-flesh!
  • Lead us to war, Person!
  • The air is ripe with the stink of fear!
  • I've had nothing to eat but maggoty bread for three stinking days!
  • The free peoples of the earth shall fall before our might!
  • Death! Death to all who oppose us!
  • Shall we hunt some Man-flesh, Person?
  • My stomach is dying for Man-flesh!
  • I am ready to hunt some Man-scum.
  • Death to those filthy tarks and all their allies!
  • Let us wreak havoc upon the world of Men!
  • Let's hunt some tarks!
  • Stinking tarks don't know what's coming for them!


  • You trying to start a skirmish?
  • Trying to start a skirmish?
  • Nobody touches me, you filthy maggot!
  • I'll skewer you like a piece of meat!
  • You trying to start something?
  • I'll have your guts for garters, scum!
  • What are you looking at me like that for, scum?
  • I'll have your head on a spike, maggot!
  • I'll bleed you like a stuck pig!
  • Looks like it's time for a skirmish!
  • Nobody skirmishes with me and gets away with it!
  • You looking for a skirmish, filthy maggot?
  • Let's see you look at me like that with my blade stuck through you!
  • You asking for a skirmish?
  • Who are you calling a filthy maggot?
  • You after a scuffle, scum?
  • Want a fight, you filthy piece of meat?
  • I'll make dinner out of you, maggot!
  • You think you can beat me, filth?
  • You shall pay for that, you filthy worm!
  • I'll squish you like the filthy little worm you are!
  • You'll be dinner once I'm done with you, maggot!
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