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But the Orcs laughed with loud voices; and a hail of darts and arrows whistled over the wall […].

The Two Towers, Helm's Deep

(see also: Bow)

The Black Uruk Bow is the bow that is used by Black Uruk archers. This bow is currently tied with the Utumno, Galadhrim, High Elven, Harad and Dalish bows for being the most powerful in the mod. However, it has one of the slowest draw speeds, taking 50% longer to draw than a normal bow.


Draw Time (ticks) Ranged Damage Range
30 8-14 ( 8  to  14  14 ) 125%


Black Uruk bows are crafted on Morgul crafting table using 3 Black Uruk steel ingots, and 3 pieces of string.

Morgul crafting recipe
Morgul Crafting
Black Uruk Steel Ingot
Black Uruk Steel Ingot
Black Uruk Steel Ingot
Black Uruk Bow
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