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Beside them, running up and down the line, went two of the large fierce uruks, cracking lashes and shouting.

–-The Return of the King, Chapter XII. The Land of Shadow

The Black Uruk Captain is a captain that spawns in Black Uruk Fortresses. Players who have at least +400 Mordor alignment will be able to hire Black Uruks and Olog-Hai from them, provided they've pledged allegiance to Mordor. They are equipped with Black Uruk armor, a skull staff in their right hand, and a coin in their left.

Upon hiring a unit from a Black Uruk Captain, the player will earn the achievement "Legions of Lugbúrz."

Behavior Edit

Same as typical Black Uruks, the chance of being attacked by the Captains decreases as your alignment grows, until they stop attacking entirely once you reach 100+ alignment.

Captains spawn in the courtyard of Black Uruk forts, and will wander the area. They don't fight hostile NPCs in the vicinity unless attacked first. If slain a coin will float over its head like with other merchant/captain NPCs, until they respawn.

Drops Edit

The Black Uruk Captain drops rotten flesh, orc draught, black uruk steel, and a variety of black uruk armor and weaponry, they may also share the very small chance to drop a shiny shirt on death with their fellow black uruks.

Units for Hire Edit

Once reaching +400 Mordor alignment, you can hire the fearsome Black Uruks, alongside Olog-Hai, from the Captain. However, none of the units offered are able to be hired unless the player is pledged to Mordor. Note, the listed prices are the prices available at the minimum required alignment.

Unit Cost (Silver Coins) Alignment (Mordor)
Black Uruk 120 (1coinC2coinX) +650.0
Black Uruk Archer 160 (1coinC6coinX) +700.0
Black Uruk Banner Bearer 160 (1coinC6coinX) +800.0
Olog-Hai 240 (2coinC4coinX) +750.0
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