Black Uruk Fortresses are heavy fortifications guarded by the elite Black Uruks of Mordor. They are quite complex in structure, and contain large amounts of loot and utilities, making them highly useful for evil players. They can even function as a ready-made base, requiring little to no modification by the player in order to be of use.


Black Uruk Fortresses generate occasionally within Mordor and Gorgoroth.


The fortress consists of Mordor Brick and its variants, along with charred wood beams, planks and a roof made of brown tiling. It is accessed via a large gate, which leads to a central courtyard and training ground, with chests, weapons on racks, a forge, and a dummy consisting of an armour stand adorned with Gondorian Armour. Across the courtyard, roughly opposite the entrance, is a doorway leading to the interior of the fortress wall. Inside, there are barracks, prisons and a dining area. On two corners of the fortress are towers accessed by ropes, and above the gate is another turret with a Table of Command.


These fortresses are fiercely guarded by Black Uruks and their archer variants. A Black Uruk Captain also spawns, from which sufficiently aligned players can hire troops. Good players would do well to be wary when attempting to break entry into one of these structures. They are one of the most well-defended fortifications in the game, and upon opening the gate, one will immediately find themselves facing many Uruks (and taking down even one is no mean feat). Unless you have some serious backup, it is recommended enemies of Mordor steer free of these fortresses.


For any player allied with Mordor, these structures provide a great variety of valuable loot. There are many weapons displayed on racks, as well as several armour sets on stands. Players will also be able to find food and Orc Draughts within the fortress.

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Items: Armour (Black Uruk, Morgul, Morgul Horse, Warg) • Chain
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