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This feature is present in: Renewed, Legacy.

Blacksmith hammers are weapons wielded by Dwarven and Mannish blacksmiths. Despite their name, blacksmith hammers do not function towards repair nor modification in any way; instead, they act purely as warhammers.


These hammers cannot be crafted, but they can be purchased for 14-23 silver coins from any Dwarven or Mannish smith, as well as from Wicked Dwarves. Alternatively, blacksmith hammers can drop from these NPCs should the player seek a more... "hands-on" approach.


As stated before, blacksmith hammers are just another type of warhammer. For this reason, they share warhammers' common trade-off of high damage and knockback in exchange for slower swinging speed.

Damage Speed Reach Knockback Possible modifiers
9.5 ( 9.5 ) 68% 100% +1 enduring, hardy, lasting, blessed, blunt, chilling, crooked, dull, dwarfbane, elfbane, fortunate, headhunting, hefty, infernal, keen, legendary, long, lucky, mighty, orcbane, sharp, slow, spiderbane, stunted, swift, trollbane, wargbane, wightbane, and wraithbane