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Bladorthin warriors are the fighting force of the Dorwinion Elves. They wear Bladorthin armour and wield Dorwinion Elven equipment and Spears of Bladorthin.


The Bladorthin warriors were founded by King Bladorthin of Dorwinion to protect his homeland. The King died for unknown reasons, but his warriors still remain. These are the best warriors of the forces of Dorwinion.


Bladorthin warriors sometimes spawn in Dorwinion on grass blocks, at any time of the day, albeit slightly rarer than their ordinary counterparts.


Drop Rarity Quantity Image
Elf Bone Common 1 Elf Bone.png
Red Wine Uncommon 1 Red Wine.png
Lembas Uncommon 1 Lembas.png
Dorwinion Elven dagger Rare 1 DaggerDorwinionElf.png
Dorwinion Elven spear Rare 1 SpearBladorthin.png
Dorwinion Elven sword Rare 1 SwordDorwinionElf.png
Dorwinion Elven helmet Rare 1 HelmetDorwinionElf.png
Dorwinion Elven chestplate Rare 1 BodyDorwinionElf.png
Dorwinion Elven leggings Rare 1 LegsDorwinionElf.png
Dorwinion Elven boots Rare 1 BootsDorwinionElf.png


Like all Elves, the warriors of the Bladorthin have thirty health points as opposed of the regular twenty. They wield Dorwinion Elven equipment and wear Dorwinion Elvish armour. When idle, they will wander about their lands, but upon sighting an enemy of Dorwinion, they will attack with their swords and spears. Unlike other Elves, they do not use bows, and only use their spears as melee weapons, instead of throwing them at long range like most NPCs. Curiously enough, they yield 3 alignment with enemy factions when killed.


Warriors of Bladorthin can be hired from a Captain of Bladorthin if you have 50-100 silver coins and 250 alignment with Dorwinion. As per usual, the cost decreases if your alignment increases and halves upon pledging to Dorwinion. Players wishing to ally themselves with Dorwinion would favour these units, being the strongest fighting units allied with Dorwinion.

Advantages Disadvantages
Strongest units allied with Dorwinion Quite expensive
High health and decent armour

No cavalry variant

Stronger weapons than a Vintner Guard Not a hybrid unit (Melee/Ranged) unlike other Elven Warriors
Immune to poison
Requires no pledge to hire



  • I and my kin defend this land from enemies both near and far.
  • Welcome to Dorwinion, Person.
  • We are an old and powerful order.
  • The spears of Bladorthin were delivered at last! And now Dorwinion has grown stronger than ever.
  • I defend Dorwinion and its people.
  • Our spears are of Dwarvish make. Have you heard the old tale, Person?
  • While we stand, no Orc or foul beast shall enter Dorwinion.


  • My lord Person.
  • How shall we serve?
  • My blade hungers for Orc-flesh!
  • I will not fail you in battle.
  • We Elves are stronger than any Man, Dwarf, or Orc.
  • What would you have us do, Person?


  • You are accursed, Person!
  • It was unwise of you to venture here.
  • You are an enemy of Dorwinion, Person!
  • You are no friend of Dorwinion!
  • You should not have come here!
  • I will make quick work of you, scum!
  • You will go no further!
  • You are no threat to us, Person.


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