• Stormzone5

    Mutton Drops

    July 21, 2019 by Stormzone5

    I recently added a mod called realistic livestock, the mod replaces the models of the animals of the own minecraft

    The problem is that when I kill a sheep, it drops meat from the mod rather than mutton from the LoTR mod. Is there any way to remove the meat from the realistic livestock mod and make the meat from the LoTR mod drop from the sheep?

    ps: I looked in the configs and there is no way to disable the game.

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  • Stormzone5


    July 14, 2019 by Stormzone5

    Anyone who understands Sindarin can help me? I wanted to use my Sindarin name as my nickname in the game. But I could not get a translation or a reliable website to translate ... If anyone can have my name is John, that means: God is gracious, if anyone can help me I will be forever grateful. = D

    by the way, sorry if there are any errors in my writing, I'm using Google Translate.

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  • Eikthyrnir

    I decided to create a climate map of middle earth, using a simplified Koppen clasification system, because i was bored...

    For reference on what the colours mean go here

    Constructive critisism on how to make this and any other maps better would be gladly welcomed.

    • Depending on where the inbound current reaches the continental shelf off the coast of gondor would decide how much the bay of belfalas would be of a mediterranean climate
    • The cold deserts and steppes of Rhun could be a little more inland, (not entirely sure how the sea of Rhun effects things

    • A new desert region in the utter-most east, akin to the last desert
    • Another small central desert in Harhudor
    • Southern Palisor would be …

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  • LysurusPeriphragmoides789

    Hey guys, I've been thinking of making a LOTRMC channel (in addition to my bug related YouTube) for a while now, and recently decided to go for it. I already have my first video filmed and trimmed, but I have yet to come up with a name for my channel. Any ideas?

    Edit: Is this profile pic decent?

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  • Glflegolas

    Good day folks,

    I've been around here a while. A long while, actually. In fact, I am the second oldest still active wiki contributor, and have seen my fair share of moments on the wiki, from great collaborations on projects to angry arguments resulting in the ban of multiple users.

    Yet I've been playing the mod for even longer, for nearly six years, in fact. Over that time, the mod has also grown greatly, going from a small mod that added a few regions and factions of Middle-earth in a randomly-generated pattern (still accessible if you use Middle-earth Classic world generation) to a mod that adds in the entire continent of Middle-earth, along with almost all of its factions.

    Even though all this time has passed, and I've grown considerably o…

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  • Foeslayer12


    June 2, 2019 by Foeslayer12

    So When I think of myself I think I am worse than Morgoth and Sauron combined I Dropped Hundreds of Khamuls Fire on Lothlorien. My Motto is Burn and Pillage Then kill them because their like Gollum pitful. 

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  • Pippin&Merrymakeagondorbeacon


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  • Stormzone5

    I downloaded a texture that changes the lighting of the game called: Vannila lighting overhaul.

    It uses Optfine / Mcpatcher to work, in the Mcpatcher folder there are several light layer images written under World 0, 1 and -1

    It works as a shader, but it does not work on Middle-earth, how do I make it work in this dimension?

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  • HubToo

    Server-side mod: RndTp

    April 29, 2019 by HubToo

    If you think baby orcs should not be born in The Shire and then crawl their way down to Mordor (probably why they keep talking about maggots!), or on the contrary if you wonder why those so-called quiet people originating from The Shire are making all the fuss everywhere in Arda, then you may be interested by what follows:

    rndtp (RaNDom TelePort) is a server-side mod that you can use for randomly teleporting players into specific areas.

    It's designed for server operators to be used in server signs / pressure plates / command blocks in a server spawn in order to spread players on their chosen faction territory.

    While not specifically dedicated to the Lord of the Rings mod, this mod has a companion set of directories/files enabling you to teleport a…

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  • Rocket Engineer

    Ambience of Middle-earth is a music pack which adds the sounds of the world to Middle-earth. From a gentle breeze rolling across the shire, the staccato chatter of birds in the jungles of Harad, or the eerie sounds of water dripping from stalactites in a cave, this pack (hopefully!) adds a new element to the environment. 

    It is highly recommended that this pack be used with an increased minimum time between music tracks (can be changed via "mods" button from Minecraft's main menu), or be used in conjunction with a second music pack. 

    Due to the way the music system works, sometimes tracks will continue to play even if you've left the area they are meant to play in. If this bothers you too much, you can reset the music by going into your opti…

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  • LordCompost

    Greater Rohan Map

    April 16, 2019 by LordCompost

    Hello Everyone, I've decided to create a Map of Greater Rohan; Including Isengard, Dunland, The Adornland, Rohan and Fangorn

    By now, many of you have seen Grevious' Mordor map. And I wanted to try and build on that (not to take away from his or replace) because many people out there might not have the time or the skills to re-create rohan. This is just the start, only including Isengard with; The Tower of Orthanc, Caverns of Isengard, Campsites and a re-done biome and wall.  It is available to be downloaded.

    Just for the Beginning you will spawn just outside Nan-Curunir, on the path. Later on i will make a camp with supplies and fill out Structures with Resources. 

    Here’s a list (so far), with descriptions, of the builds included:

    • The Tower of…
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  • Glflegolas

    About a day ago, I got to play around with an oxy-hydrogen torch, that burns at around 3200 oC. I made some solutions of various metal salts, such as NaCl, KBr, Sr(CH3COO)2, CuSO4, and put these solutions into the hot flame. When I did this I got some beautiful colours.

    Some of these emission lines, such as Na, K, Li, and Cu, you may have seen in fireworks. Sr can be seen in road flares. But I'm sure you haven't seen all these flame colours.

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  • Nuclear Hurricane Minecraft Gamer

    Im having a loading problem with fandom and idk what to do when i created a new page for mine it  just takes forever to load.

    here is the problem im experiencing

    my internet connection is good and idk what else to say other then the site is broken and i want to ask the staff here if they know how to fix thanks

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  • OneBehindTheHair

    Bear with me, this could be a little confusing.

    Now, this is a cool trick I discovered a while back. It's a little resource consuming, it can only be used in pretty specific lighting, but it looks pretty cool.

    Here's a picture of the end result in a WIP Gundabad build I started ages ago:

    So, looking pretty cool, isn't it? This is how you do it.

    Alright, first choose where you want the food item to lie. We'll call that block 1.

    Block 2 is directly adjacent to block 1, and you'll dig three blocks down from block 2. Place a torch at the bottom of the hole.

    Mine out the block under block 1 and put a plate there.

    Following me? No? Alright, here's how it should look.

    Understand now? Excellent. It takes a little less than 64 food items to show through b…

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  • Glflegolas

    Why hello there.

    It's been a while since I've done this, but with a rather messy winter storm bearing down on my house, I figured why not do this since I really don't have anything else to do.

    The region I have chosen to feature today is actually more of a region variant than a true region. It's rather wet, and is the kind of location where people like to build cottages in real life. That's right, it's a lake.

    Lakes and ponds can be found as uncommon variants of most regions of Middle-earth. The exact location of each lake/pond depends on the world seed, and varies depending on the world, although fixed lakes are found near Esgaroth, north of the Shire, and scattered along the Anduin.

    Lakes can be differentiated into actual lakes, which are the…

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  • Nuclear Hurricane Minecraft Gamer

    ok so im using the 1.6.4 version of lotr and what im going to say is funny

    i spawned in multiple saurons on some elves to see what would happen

    they defeated the elves but they dealt damage to eachother with the mace and look at this meme i made becuase they started hitting eachother XD

    one does not simply make the dark lord angry at himself

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  • Stormzone5

    A House

    January 9, 2019 by Stormzone5

    What is the best place to build a house? (ps: I need a place that does not have Orcs)

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    January 6, 2019 by ESP LOTR

    This is just a quick announcement to let you all know that I'm working on an updated Pirate Speak translation for the mod. It doesn't appear to have been updated for a long time, as more than half the blocks and items have no translation. My plan is for it to be totally comprehensive, like any good translation, and include everything from weapons and armor to gui and achievements.

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  • Gen. Grievous1138


    December 26, 2018 by Gen. Grievous1138

    For nearly a full year, I have awaited this moment.

    After many long nights spent writing...

    At 269 pages...

    With 121,900+ words...

    It is my pleasure to present the Complete Guide to the Clone Wars!

    After deciding that it would honestly just be too boring to just throw out the revised Clone Wars timeline that I've made, I decided to make a book out of it, and that book is now complete. In eighteen chapters (plus a prologue and epilogue), this Guide thoroughly and exhaustively explores the Clone Wars, from the Separatist Crisis to the last days of the war. Complete with color maps and in-depth battle profiles, each chapter explores 1-3 months of the Clone Wars at a time, treating the conflict as one massive story, from the widely-known battles of…

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  • Glflegolas

    Good day,

    Today, I watched a video on AntVenom's channel, in which he tries to answer the question, "is Minecraft (vanilla, modded, otherwise) dying?" By all accounts of sales figures and active players, the answer to that question is no. The game is still selling well, and more people have played Minecraft in November than in the past several years. So the game isn't dying by a numbers point of view.

    But, you can also look at it from a more philosophical point of view: has Minecraft lost the charm that attracted players years ago? To answer this, watch AntVenom's video on the topic below.

    After watching this video, it got me thinking. We're in a similar situation with the Lord of the Rings mod in that it's been around for a good many years (close …

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    Today I had the... Fortunate? Hardly. UNfortunate? Also not applicable... Let's go with interesting. Yeah, interesting. Well, as I was saying, today I had the interesting privilege of entering the Warhammer Universe(s). I was looking for a long while for a good, relatively cheap strategy game that I can join with little worry of being dominated. Not a "strategy" game like League of Legends, where it seems to be whoever can click fastest (actually, come to think of it, thats a LOT of the games out now) instead of using any brainpower whatsoever. I mean getting down and dirty into the game, commanding, sustaining, and building armies, kingdoms, etc. Most MMO games around this genre I have seen so far give a diagonal view of the battle, when …

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  • Nuclear Hurricane Minecraft Gamer

    I disciverd a way to get rid of middle earth lag for good without the need of Fastcraft.

    Mods required



    What to do in the luancher

    Set the M1G into 4Gs if you have a 64Bit Pc

    Set the M1G into 2Gs if you have 32Bit Pc

    Optifine Video settings

    Turn off all particles

    Set the FOV to the highest

    Render Distance 8

    Mipmap levels to 0

    Transparent blocks from fancy to fast

    Graphics fast

    Max FPS Unlimited

    Smooth lighting to off

    Smooth Fps on this stabilizes Fps

    Chunk loading to multi core

    Advanced OpenGL to fancy

    Fog start 02

    and turn regular fog to off

    Fast math to on

    Let me know if this worked becuase it worked for me so it should work for you as well :).

    I would also recomend Orespawn so the lag will move into Orespawn dimensions instead of Middle eart…

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  • Glflegolas

    Alright folks, it's been a long while. Way too long if you ask me.

    You know what I'm talking about... I haven't done a region spotlight/biome of the week since I don't know when. Maybe I should rename this to "region of the year" instead??

    Alright lets cut the chitchat. Let's do a region that I'm sure just about everybody has visited at one time or another, though some people clearly find this region a pain in the derriere to visit. That's right, we're talking Eriador.


    |traders = Blue Mountains Merchant
    Iron Hills Merchant
    Galadhrim Wanderer
    Merchant of Harad
    Oddment Collector
    Rivendell Wanderer |structures = Gundabad Orc Camp
    Ranger Camp
    Ruined House
    Ruined Dúnedain Tower
    Ranger Watchtower
    Stone Ruins
    Orc Dungeon |added in = 12}}


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  • MariMarthiel12

    Lotr Mod Polish Wiki

    October 27, 2018 by MariMarthiel12

    Recently I've found that there is a Polish version of this wiki, which unfortunetly was abandoned and completely empty. I've tried to write some articles but I have no skill or experience in creating infoboxes, templates, making good images and so on. Is anyone on this wiki from Poland? That site really needs wiki love. Thanks in advance. :)

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  • Nuclear Hurricane Minecraft Gamer

    I am making a mini review on the Lotr mod for Mevans

    I made this for my support of the mod

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  • Adaneth Mirimë

    Hello everyone! I know this is not at all related to either Minecraft or LOTR, but I also know that quite a few of you here are high school students in the middle of the college search / decision process, and I decided to write this blog in the hopes that it will be of use to those of you currently in that situation.

    1. This blog was written specifically with students in the United States in mind, although some of it may also be applicable to the education systems in other countries.
    2. This is by no means an exhaustive list of questions one should ask potential colleges or situations that one may encounter, but is taken from formal training that I received to mentor high school juniors and seniors going through the college application process, …

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  • POLAR BEAR1170

    Who are the Variags

    October 11, 2018 by POLAR BEAR1170

    As the title implies, who are the Variags? I know there are quite a few loremasters in this wiki. I have been doing some extensive research on the Variags, and have come up with my own theories. This is really just a post on my theories, feel free to chime in.

    First off the word Variag, now the obvious answer is that it is a play on Varangian. The Varangians were Vikings that travelled east into modern day Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Moldova, Turkey, and even as far as Greece. They are famous for the Varangian guard, a guard of 2,000 Varangians that protected the emperor of the Byzantines. But the true history lies in Russia. See back in the Dark ages the people of Novgorod wanted a strong ruler, so they asked a Varangian chieftain to lead…

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  • Nuclear Hurricane Minecraft Gamer

    I Think this mod is great and that it deserves a lot of attention and that it should continue.

    Mevans is a cool mod creator i'm glad he made a mod for Tolkien becuase i love Lotr and read all the books.

    The mod is very fun and a great questing mod i have never seen a mod that had a questing system like this.

    The plant and worldgen is also very cool and i like how the Mobs will interact and talk with the player.

    Mevans is very creative in my words and that this mod should be the 1st best mod for all minecraft.

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  • Stormzone5

    Shame of Gondor

    September 30, 2018 by Stormzone5
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  • OneBehindTheHair

    Hi, all! I decided to just get it done and make this comparison so I didn't need to look it up every single time! Since Azog and Bolg depart so heavily from their book counterparts, I decided to write this so people would stop getting confused about who was in what, and what was ruled by who. Will it help? Probably not.

    Canon Azog:

    • Died in T.A. 2799, approximately 142 years before the Hobbit begins
    • Was the leader of the Moria clan
    • Killed Thrór, eventually causing the Battle of Azanulbizar and ultimately his death
    • Head sliced off by Dáin
    • Strong Orc

    Jackson's Azog "The Defiler"

    • Died approximately 142 years after the Battle of Azanulbizar
    • Leader of like, anything Sauron wasn't
    • Killed Thrór during the Battle of Azanulbizar, causing you to wonder what ca…
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  • Gayboi420


    September 29, 2018 by Gayboi420

    KSI will be dead soon as seen here . I will be missing him and wish his family well

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  • Glflegolas

    Good day, LotR Mod community,

    After having some fun breaking the mod, I have decided to write a post in where I see the mod going in the future.

    Before going any further, the thoughts in this post are mine and mine alone, and none of what I write here is a suggestion for any specific feature to be added. Please see the Suggestions forum if you want to learn more about concrete features that should be added. These are just the areas where I would focus my energy if I were the developer of this mod.

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  • Glflegolas

    Good day, everyone,

    If any of you have watched AntVenom's videos as of late, you know what he likes to do; break Minecraft, in literally any way possible. I got inspired by him, and figured, why not try and break the Lord of the Rings mod? One of the most obvious ways to do this would be, of course, the alignment; what happens when this reaches a very high number, namely, the 32-bit integer limit (2,147,483,647)? Minecraft is known, after all, to do all kinds of wierd things when numbers roll over this value.

    This would've taken forever to do in regular gameplay, or using commands, as the max alignment you can add at any one time is 10,000, so I used an NBT-editor to accomplish this. And, yes, I was indeed able to get up to the 32 bit intege…

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  • Morgoth the first dark lord

    Hello peeps of this wiki, I'm presenting you with an incredible, amazing, absolutely superb, ultrawoah offer. You can buy gucci flip flops, now for only 799 dollers and 799 cents.Kthxbye

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  • Thesicksocks


    August 22, 2018 by Thesicksocks


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  • AvocadoSandpaper

    KSI and Logan

    August 14, 2018 by AvocadoSandpaper
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  • Dinopizzagamer

    I've been working on this webcomic for well over a year now, so my apologies if some of the jokes are a little dated.  This webcomic is set in a sort of physical representation of the wiki, personifying its different members in human form.  (You'll see what I mean.)  Please note that the users depicted aren't meant to be representative of their real life personalities and all creative choices with them were made for comedic purposes only.  With all that out of the way, enjoy Repnepsherlock and Imwatson: A wiki murder-ish mystery, over a year in the making.

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  • Glflegolas

    Despite rumours suggesting otherwise, the mod's development isn't dead, and neither are region spotlights, although their whereabouts have been rather "spotty" at times. But finally I've found myself a rainy evening, and I've fixed the wireless card in my regular PC, and am able to write you a new region spotlight, this one will be about the lands of Lindon on the extreme Western edge of the continent of Middle-Earth.

    Lindon isn't hard to find, even if you're new to visiting Middle-Earth. To get there from the spawn in the Shire, simply follow the Great East Road westward until you can't go any further, and you'll get into Lindon after passing through Eriador and the Tower Hills. If you're coming from the sea, head towards the islands and t…

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  • LordDainTheAwsome

    Hi all! 

    Here's a bit of fanfiction of sorts that I've been writing the last few months. It was just sort of lying around on my computor, so I supposed I could just post it here. Hope you enjoy!

    King Aragorn II Elessar

    It was on the time that the Dark Lord Sauron, last of Melkor’s true servants, was defeated,  that Aragorn Elessar, first of his name was crowned King of Gondor by Mithrandir, shortly before his departure to Valinor.  This began the 4th age by the Gondorian reckoning. Following a number of weeks of rebuilding the capital of Minas Tirith, and its surrounding areas (the Rammas, the walls of Osgiliath, etc.) he focussed on larger issues. The new Khan of the Golden Khaganate had already sent letters asking for peace, in an effort to…

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  • AlteOgre

    I did a bit of research on what is currently in the market and stumbled upon a few very interesting gems out there. Would anyone be interested in exploring options to bring Middle-earth (or other/similar medieval fantasy themed worlds like Elder Scrolls, Fall from Heaven II, etcetera) to another voxel based open world game with concepts as used in gems like Stellar Overload, BlockScape, VoxelQuest or StoneQuest?

    Any option would be interesting to discuss for the time being. Just throwing it out here in a very early stage after pondering the immense potential of the concepts of this mod and of interesting alternatives for Minecraft. If anyone wishes to contact me in private about this, you can use Discord or Facebook.

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  • Glflegolas

    Good morn y'all,

    If any of you follow the French Discord channel, you might've heard my announcement regarding the fact that I was considering doing a region spotlight at some point in the near future. Those that follow the French Discord will probably guess what region I'm highlighting in this issue, I am featuring "les montagnes rouges" a.k.a. the Red Mountains.

    If you're not familiar with the location of the Red Mountains, I don't blame you man. They are located rather far to the East of most of Middle-Earth (curiously, east of the region that's "The West"), around the Eastern centre of Rhûn. Four clans of Dwarves lived in these mountains, though not much was known about them, as they presumably had little contact with their relatives in …

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  • TheStudyOfTheUnknown


    April 21, 2018 by TheStudyOfTheUnknown

    This update has been in development for some time now but I was pleasantly surprised by what they've added so far...

    • Turtles as well as a turtle helmet and potion that both are pretty useful
    • Dolphins
    • Phantoms, hostile flying mobs that attack you if you haven't slept in a bed for too many nights
    • Drowned, water variant zombies which have a chance to carry...
    • Tridents, can be used as a spear as well. I recommend Mevans looks at the code they seem to be pretty effective when it comes to not bugging out although a little OP at this time
    • New swimming animation, looks kind of weird and buggy with the lighting but certainly a welcome feature, you can still swim the old way but if you try to sprint you will go into the new mode
    • Kelp, sea grass and coral. …

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  • Kickratgames1101

    After a lot of research and thinking and thinking again. I have figured out a logical theory on Beorn's background and the Beornings skin changing and history.

    So, my take on the matter is that when Morgoth rose the Misties out of the ground to prevent travel a very small house of the Edain, let's name them House of Jeff, was living near or at the place where the Misties rose. It's likely most of the House of Jeff died from the rising of the mountains but the few who remain might've been affected by the Magic sort of like Nuclear radiation. This may have led to the Skin-changing abilities of the Beorn and possibly the House of Jeff.

    Now let's fast forward a couple hundred years to the beginning of the 2nd age. The House of Jeff has grown att…

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  • Glflegolas

    Good day, everyone,

    Since the last region spotlight I released was on April Fools, I suppose it was going to be kind of hard to take it especially seriously. Have no fear though, today we're back to our regularly scheduled programming and we'll do a region spotlight on Middle-Earth, not on the lands of Mata Nui. This time, the region that I will be featuring is rather far to the north, and is one of the regions where I did a man vs Middle-Earth series some time ago. It's the Coldfells.

    The Coldfells are located some distance south-east of Angmar, immediately west of the Misty Mountains. To their south lie the Lone-lands, and if you travel even farther south, you'll come to the Trollshaws. If you want to get here as quickly as possible from th…

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  • Glflegolas

    Hey folks,

    Guess what I'm back with another region spotlight. But in keeping with this mod's BIONICLE theme, this one won't be about a region of Middle-Earth. Instead, it'll be about a particular region on the Island of Mata Nui, and that location shall be Onu-Koro.

    Since I don't have a map of Mata Nui right in front of me, I'll have to give you the directions to get there as if you were playing the Mata Nui Online Game. If you're at the docks at Po-Koro, follow the path, and keep to your left. As you travel, you'll come past Hafu, working on a sculpture. At this point, go left, and the deserts of Po-Koro will gradually give way to the rocky foothills of the mountain. Once you get to the tunnel entrance, hop on the Ussal Crab and you'll land…

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  • GuardianoftheWeast
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  • TheStudyOfTheUnknown

    I was bored here's some map comparisons.

    Btw the map seems to be about the same size as the UK...

    This image is a bit messy, hopefully the link of the image isn't. The biggest other the LOTR is daggerfall, followed by nightfall, fuel and Just Cause 3. 

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  • Draugthalion Tiruial

    To begin, the mod has done very well so far. It has added almost every faction to the Third Age that you could want. Key word: Third. This mod lacks the First Age. (It's also missing SA, but more on that later).

    Please note: I have not played Eras of Arda or any other First Age servers. If there are things from those servers that you want added to my blog, please leave them in the comments below. Thank you.

    Another note: I opened this blog as a place for people to come and add to the possibility of the First Age. When I deem it has been fully fleshed out, I might post it on the Suggestions Forum.

    How to enter

    You would first descend into the lower floors in the Obsidian Level in Utumno. You would then locate a mighty dungeon where there would need…

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  • FookU

    I was a chatmod here once, but lost access to my account. As well as grew bored with the mod for a bit. Well, I'm back and it shall be good to see a fair deal of you again.

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  • Kickratgames1101

    Well, I decided to post my ideas on combat in MC on this post. Note that this not a suggestion to add these things it's just my thoughts on the matter.


    So I was fighting some wargs/orcs up in the tundra (yeah I wish the mod team would fix that but oh well it's good farming) at first it was good then behind me 3 more wargs/orcs came and hit me, for most hardcore players that wouldn't be a problem because they'd have gmith. I despise the use of mith (mostly because in ME Mith is a prized possession that cannot be taken lightly, in servers I see people trading and using mith like it's nothing, I once saw a guy throw a stack of mith ingots into lava..... yeah that ticks me off) so I don't use mith, this got me down to half health, reali…

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