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TheblueWizard TheblueWizard 17 days ago

Need a skin?

Hello, I'm TheblueWizard, and I have a bit of free time, so if you have a skin or texture idea you'd like me to make feel free to post it in the comments and I'll try and do it this month. If you want to reach me after this month, I am always active on discord CopnMagi#2463 and my minecraft texturing discord We also have a lot of the mod's skins turned into player skins if you wanted to peek in there and grab something.

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Niruzōla Niruzōla 22 March

Signature with custom character

How can I make a signature with custom characters (for example Aghertas Erebor)?

Thank you very much in advance for the answer.

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LOTRMod LOTRMod 27 January

I'm going to say it

Society ought to be better.

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LordArvedui LordArvedui 8 April 2021

An Unexpected Return

I have returned! After a long hiatus from the mod, I have come back (possibly temporarily, but still,) to enjoy this community and mod once more. However, upon my return, I have found that, well, all of the servers I once enjoyed are long gone. This being said, I make a simple request to anyone who might see this: Do you have any server recommendations? I would greatly appreciate it if someone could guide me to a server of at least decent quality. This being said, it is good to be back!

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Pleasenotme Pleasenotme 23 March 2021


Here are some Minecraft screenshots of mine that I'm fond of.

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Youtube-vanstar Youtube-vanstar 15 March 2021

vanstar youtube video

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Ee9696969696 Ee9696969696 14 March 2021

Im the best

I just am

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GamerElite125 GamerElite125 20 December 2020

Story So Far Of How I Came to be.

It Started In the Creation of The Universe itself... The Valar oh where do I see myself above all of them "Evil Laughs" I Was once a apprentice of Aule the Valar of Smiths. But I Felt no need for my time need greater purposes and more desire! DESIRE!!!!! POWER!!!! Morgoth was just the convincing I needed he gave me a purpose showed me things they couldn't And then I had a since of no regret..... After my Master perished I felt that I had no need for anyone else humiliated. Retreated into my Darkness oh the Darkness it calls for me.... So many Voices ancient by days. I forget who I even am anymore. what am I? who am I? I Am Sauron The Dark Lord over these Lands and I'll crush my enemies for they do not know fear.... the truth what I've seen…

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Messron Messron 29 November 2020

AstikorCarts MOD perfect support


Done! Originally, diamond hoe was used for Plow, but since there is no diamond in Middle-earth, I chose iron hoe. Since there are many situations where farming is left to NPCs, I think that this level of change will not be a problem.


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Adaneth Mirimë Adaneth Mirimë 22 October 2020

SublimeText and Mediawiker Setup

Mediawiker is an addon for SublimeText that allows you to edit pages directly within SublimeText. River from Gamepedia has a great blog about it here where she shares more about it and her setup. I am similarly putting my setup here for my own and possibly others' reference.

  • 1 Pros and Cons
  • 2 My Plugin List
  • 3 Configs
    • 3.1 Mediawiker

Overall, I find SublimeText/Mediawiker pretty helpful because I often copy and paste page/template source into a text editor anyway so that I can do find/replace (although this will be built into the editor in UCP!), see if curly braces match up, etc. I think it's definitely better for templates or code pages than content pages though.

  • (Pro) Syntax highlighting is quite nice overall but has some quirks (ex. when callin…

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Messron Messron 21 October 2020

Treecapitator Config

I changed the config file of Treecapitator MOD so that it can cut down trees in Middle-earth, so make a note of the setting.

Open Treecapitator.cfg and add it under tree_and_mod_configs.

For 1.7.10, there is no prerequisite mod other than Forge.

lotr {

  1. This setting controls whether or not the mod config section it appears in will override an IMC message sent by that mod. [default: false]

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Glflegolas Glflegolas 7 October 2020

Granite, Andesite, and Diorite -- Where Would They Be Found?

Hello folks,

This blog post was written in response to a discussion with Mevans on the mod's Discord (where he got really jealous of my proximity to the Eastern Shore Granite ridge) where we were trying to establish: where would vanilla granite, andesite, and diorite spawn in Middle-earth? I took some inspiration from the Geologic map of Nova Scotia, and here are some of my findings.

  • 1 The Rocks
    • 1.1 Andesite
    • 1.2 Granite and Diorite
  • 2 Where would they be found?
    • 2.1 Andesite
    • 2.2 Granite and Diorite
  • 3 New rock type?

Andesite is an igneous extrusive rock, which means it's typically associated with areas that are currently or used to be volcanic. They generally have small crystals, due to being formed from lava that solidified fairly quickly on the earth's sur…

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ErkonTheDemon ErkonTheDemon 9 September 2020

How do you make all the pictures look like the minecraft wiki?

How does the developpers make all the pictures look like the minecraft wiki? I mean not like screenshot. Do you just take a screenshot from the right angle with the good daytime and you remove the background? Im talking about the blocks and the structure wiki picture not the texture.

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Evieandkris Evieandkris 27 August 2020

where can we find the npc skins?

as the title said, i think the elven skins are really well made and i would like to use one myself, any idea where i may find the npc skins? or at least that high quality skins? (sorry if this is not where i should ask, im new to this page)

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Rocket Engineer Rocket Engineer 31 July 2020

Music Pack: Music of the Ainur

Music of the Ainur is a music pack that adds a variety of classical-ish music to Middle-earth. With famous works such as the symphonies of Beethoven to folk songs of the Middle-east, Music of the Ainur contains over 100 unique works. It's my hope that this adds a new element to your exploration of Middle-earth.

It is highly recommended that you increase the minimum time between tracks (you can do this by clicking 'mods' from Minecraft's main menu), or that you use it in conjunction with another music pack.

Due to the way the music system works, sometimes tracks will continue to play even if you've left the area they are meant to play in. If this bothers you too much, you can reset the music by going into your options, turning music off, returni…

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Tnttnt115 Tnttnt115 30 June 2020

Restarting the LOTR Font Pack

The LOTR Font Pack that I "teased" a few months ago will have to be remade from the beginning again, I lost the original pack I was working on due to my computer breaking down (It was seven years old, so should've been no surprise). I'll start working on it again very soon.

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MagikShard MagikShard 26 June 2020

Fan-Made Update 36 Rundown

Made by me (Nakras) and FroggisMe/Owen, here is a more cinematic rundown of the latest update, with custom music etc. as a quality start up for our new channel. We’ll be posting tutorials, gameplay and guild related stuff based within the Lotr mod and other things of entertainment. Feel free to subscribe or share the video around. It’ll be much appreciated 

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Gen. Grievous1138 Gen. Grievous1138 23 June 2020

Mordor Renewed ~ Download Available!

Hey comrades, it's been a while.

As those of you in the Community Discord may have heard, I have begun completely revamping my old Mordor map. Progress has been made, and now it is once more time for a WIP version to be put out.

The link to download, the link to some pics, and a list of everything that's on the map can be found here:

Gen. Grievous1138 (LOTR Mod Wiki Admin) comlink 02:14, June 23, 2020 (UTC)

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Fingowin Fingowin 18 June 2020

Starter Base 7: Bree

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Bree farm
  • 3 Materials and Variations
    • 3.1 Materials I used in the building:
    • 3.2 Variants:

I've often been on servers where I found a lot of  simple "wood cubes" as houses. They were often built by new players who need a cheap and useful shelter. As a survival player I know this issue too but as a builder it just makes me cry. So many great servers and their player citys loose their lotr atmosphere because of these "cubes". So I started developing starter bases. They should look nicer as the cubes but should cover everything a new player needs. You'll find everything from a crafting table, to a small kitchen garden in a faction specific building. I only use blocks from the lotr mod and vanilla minecraft, so everybody can build this. P…

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MariMarthiel12 MariMarthiel12 18 June 2020

This is just sad

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The Ranger Malvegil The Ranger Malvegil 5 May 2020

JEI LOTR for LOTR Renewed-1.1

I officially announce the JEI plugin for LOTR Renewed - JEI LOTR.

If you didn't know, NEI (NotEnoughItems) doesn't exist at 1.15.2 anymore, instead, there is JEI (JustEnoughItems).

Feature-wise they are comparable, so nothing to worry about.

To make it compatible with the LOTR Mod, a plugin is needed, which I just made - JEI LOTR.

The benefit of JEI LOTR is, that JEI has a much better structure as NEI, and thus NEI Recipe Handlers isn't neeeded anymore - just the LOTR Mod, JEI and JEI LOTR.

JEI LOTR is open source and licensed under the GPL 3.0.

For further announcements, a help-channel and so on, join the official Discord server:

The wiki also has an announcement thread (…

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Tnttnt115 Tnttnt115 11 April 2020

Currently Working on a Resourcepack

I am trying to make a resourcepack that will simply change the Minecraft font into some higher quality LOTR font. I'm sure there is probably another resourcepack that already does this, but this pack will only change the font, and is higher quality. Heres a little test of the pack so far, I might need to fix some of the spacing still, and I'm not too happy with the G yet. Let me know if there are any LOTR font resource packs already.

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Fingowin Fingowin 27 March 2020

lotr structures - reworked

We alle know them and we all love them - the generated structures of the lotr mod! They serve as starter bases, looting areas and as beautiful decorations of the landscape. There's no doubt that everybody that these strucutres truely bring middle earth to live.

However I think those structure have another purpose: they serve as inspirations for players to build in faction specific styles. So I did it! I took the high elven structues of the mod and mixed them with my own building style. With this faction I've choosen a quite difficult faction because I've always felt that the mods building style doesn't fit my imagination of the high elves because the bright colours look a lot like a "comic" styled version of the high elves. In addition I ne…

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Fingowin Fingowin 10 March 2020

Starter Base 6: Hobbits

Hello everybody,

I'm back with another "Starter Base". This time we're looking at our hungry friends form the shire. Let's go!

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Hobbit Hole
  • 3 Materials and Variations
    • 3.1 Materials I used in the building:
    • 3.2 Variations:

I've often been on servers where I found a lot of  simple "wood cubes" as houses. They were often built by new players who need a cheap and useful shelter. As a survival player I know this issue too but as a builder it just makes me cry. So many great servers and their player citys loose their lotr atmosphere because of these "cubes". So I started developing starter bases. They should look nicer as the cubes but should cover everything a new player needs. You'll find everything from a crafting table, to a small kitchen…

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Glflegolas Glflegolas 1 February 2020

How much is a Silver Coin worth??

Hello everyone,

After seeing a certain Game Theory episode, I started wondering: How much is the currency in Middle-earth -- the Silver Coin -- worth in real life dollars?

For this comparison, I am going to use Canadian dollars, due to my living in Canada. As you'll soon see, there are quite a few ways to approach this question.

An ingot of silver consists of 1/9th of a block of Silver, which measuring 1m3, would have a mass of 10.5. That means that the silver block weighs a total of 10.5 metric tons, and each ingot would weigh 1.167 tons.

Now consider that you can get nine nuggets of silver out of an ingot, and each nugget makes one coin. Therefore, each coin weighs 130kg. With today's silver prices ($767 Canadian/kg), that one coin would cos…

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The Ranger Malvegil The Ranger Malvegil 31 January 2020

MPM LOTR - More Player Models now fully works with the LOTR Mod

Ever installed MPM with the LOTR Mod and experienced the weird blackscreen?

This can be fixed by disabeling the PoV setting from MPM, but sadly, that also disables that feature, which means that for example if you choose the Balrog model, your "Point of View" (PoV) is stil the player one, not the high Point of View a Balrof (or any comparable large model) would have.

I created a small mod which fixes that - MPM-LOTR. Just download it and drop it into your mods folder, voila.

  • v35.3/v35.4 of the LOTR Mod
  • 1.7.10b of MPM (

  • Download:
  • Sourcecode:
  • Issue tracker:…

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SamwiseFilmore SamwiseFilmore 31 January 2020

Discord Server and Wiki Conduct

Hello all, I am writing this blog post to inform the community of a collective staff decision that was made this week. As many of you are aware, this wiki has a discord server which is utilized for discussions related to the mod and wiki, as well as to provide a less structured digital hang-out area for LOTR Mod fans, specifically those who are wiki members. The wiki forum is also utilized for more structured discussions of various topics, Suggestions and Bug Reports primarily.

As the wiki staff, we have come to the conclusion that the behavior of many users of both the wiki and the discord server have been allowed to let the rules of both discussions platforms slide beyond what we believe to be acceptable, and the staff as a collective hav…

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The Ranger Malvegil The Ranger Malvegil 3 January 2020

NEI Emmaitar - a Not Enough Items plugin for Emmaitar

Playing on a server with Emmaitar but wondering how many paintings they have?

Well, here's the solution, use the brand new NEI plugin for Emmaitar (well, it's not that new, but anyway ...)!

You don't know what Emmaitar is? It's an awesome mod from Mevans itself, which allows the addition of custom paintings to Minecraft.

  • 1 Features
  • 2 Screenshots
  • 3 Installation
    • 3.1 Requirements
  • 4 Important Links and Download

  • Integrates the painting recipes in NEI crafting and usage mode - with displaying the actual painting
  • Adds a painting button to the crafting table which - upon clicking it - shows every painting registered via Emmaitar
  • Contains an integrated version checker which notifies you about new versions

  1. Make sure the required mods are installed (see below)
  2. Downlo…

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Glflegolas Glflegolas 20 October 2019

Region Spotlight -- Issue 33 -- October 20, 2019

Man it's been way too long since I did one of these, but here goes nothing. Region spotlight is back, and I will hopefully be doing it slightly more often from now on (I'll aim for ~ once a month). But anyways, what region shall I feature this time?

Today I have chosen a region that looks slightly different with the new resource pack than it did in the past and is located just west of the Misty Mountains. It's Dunland.

  • 1 Where is it?
  • 2 What do you like about this region?
  • 3 Any advice for travellers?
  • 4 Gallery

Dunland is north of Isengard and west of the Misty Mountains, somewhat to the south of Eregion. If you come from Gondor direction, head along the Greenway and turn north soon after the Fords of Isen. If you come from Bree, follow the Greenway u…

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Glflegolas Glflegolas 11 August 2019

A fix for laggy horses

Good day everyone,

A good many things were changed in , but among them, one of the greatest changes was that to horses & other mounts, so that their movement is controlled client-side, rather than server-side.

While for lots of people, this was a great fix, for a few others, including myself, this change resulted in horses becoming extraordinarily slow, barely the speed of sneaking.

Just this morning, I think I've found a fix for this problem. The fix is quite straightforwards, and takes maybe 5 minutes to complete.

The problem (as far as I gather) occurs when the mod is downloaded as a .zip file, as opposed to a .jar file. For more about what's happening, see the picture below.

When downloaded the mod will end up in your default downloads director…

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Fronacen Fronacen 24 July 2019

A New "Retrospective" Series

Hello every, Fronacen here. For anyone who recognizes me, I'll be a sight for sore eyes.

With the latest update out for the mod, I have decided to start a blog series, a retrospective as it were.

Of course, retrospective usually implies something has run its course: that is not what am saying about this mod. Instead, I want to use my experience with this mod and it's many updates to critically look back at what has happened with this mod. This is not meant as a review of the mod.

I would also like to point out a few things:

First of all, for those who don't know, I have been watching this mod for a LONG time (I believe way back in July, 2013, when Mirkwood was added). For people at home, that means since Beta 7. I have seen a lot, both mod-add…

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Eikthyrnir Eikthyrnir 2 July 2019

Climates of Middle Earth

I decided to create a climate map of middle earth, using a simplified Koppen clasification system, because i was bored...

For reference on what the colours mean go here

Constructive critisism on how to make this and any other maps better would be gladly welcomed.

  • Depending on where the inbound current reaches the continental shelf off the coast of gondor would decide how much the bay of belfalas would be of a mediterranean climate
  • The cold deserts and steppes of Rhun could be a little more inland, (not entirely sure how the sea of Rhun effects things

  • A new desert region in the utter-most east, akin to the last desert
  • Another small central desert in Harhudor
  • Southern Palisor would be …

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LysurusPeriphragmoides789 LysurusPeriphragmoides789 29 June 2019

Name for a LOTR Mod YouTube channel

Hey guys, I've been thinking of making a LOTRMC channel (in addition to my bug related YouTube) for a while now, and recently decided to go for it. I already have my first video filmed and trimmed, but I have yet to come up with a name for my channel. Any ideas?

Edit: Is this profile pic decent?

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Glflegolas Glflegolas 6 June 2019

Why this mod is still relavent to me -- even after SIX years!

Good day folks,

I've been around here a while. A long while, actually. In fact, I am the second oldest still active wiki contributor, and have seen my fair share of moments on the wiki, from great collaborations on projects to angry arguments resulting in the ban of multiple users.

Yet I've been playing the mod for even longer, for nearly six years, in fact. Over that time, the mod has also grown greatly, going from a small mod that added a few regions and factions of Middle-earth in a randomly-generated pattern (still accessible if you use Middle-earth Classic world generation) to a mod that adds in the entire continent of Middle-earth, along with almost all of its factions.

Even though all this time has passed, and I've grown considerably o…

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Foeslayer12 Foeslayer12 2 June 2019


So When I think of myself I think I am worse than Morgoth and Sauron combined I Dropped Hundreds of Khamuls Fire on Lothlorien. My Motto is Burn and Pillage Then kill them because their like Gollum pitful. 

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Welcome to my blog


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HubToo HubToo 29 April 2019

Server-side mod: RndTp

If you think baby orcs should not be born in The Shire and then crawl their way down to Mordor (probably why they keep talking about maggots!), or on the contrary if you wonder why those so-called quiet people originating from The Shire are making all the fuss everywhere in Arda, then you may be interested by what follows:

rndtp (RaNDom TelePort) is a server-side mod that you can use for randomly teleporting players into specific areas.

It's designed for server operators to be used in server signs / pressure plates / command blocks in a server spawn in order to spread players on their chosen faction territory.

While not specifically dedicated to the Lord of the Rings mod, this mod has a companion set of directories/files enabling you to teleport a…

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Rocket Engineer Rocket Engineer 26 April 2019

Music Pack: Ambience of Middle-Earth

Ambience of Middle-earth is a music pack which adds the sounds of the world to Middle-earth. From a gentle breeze rolling across the shire, the staccato chatter of birds in the jungles of Harad, or the eerie sounds of water dripping from stalactites in a cave, this pack (hopefully!) adds a new element to the environment. 

It is highly recommended that this pack be used with an increased minimum time between music tracks (can be changed via "mods" button from Minecraft's main menu), or be used in conjunction with a second music pack. 

Due to the way the music system works, sometimes tracks will continue to play even if you've left the area they are meant to play in. If this bothers you too much, you can reset the music by going into your opti…

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LordCompost LordCompost 16 April 2019

Greater Rohan Map

Hello Everyone, I've decided to create a Map of Greater Rohan; Including Isengard, Dunland, The Adornland, Rohan and Fangorn

By now, many of you have seen Grevious' Mordor map. And I wanted to try and build on that (not to take away from his or replace) because many people out there might not have the time or the skills to re-create rohan. This is just the start, only including Isengard with; The Tower of Orthanc, Caverns of Isengard, Campsites and a re-done biome and wall.  It is available to be downloaded.

Just for the Beginning you will spawn just outside Nan-Curunir, on the path. Later on i will make a camp with supplies and fill out Structures with Resources. 

Here’s a list (so far), with descriptions, of the builds included:

  • The Tower of…
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Glflegolas Glflegolas 2 April 2019

Playing with Fire -- Making coloured flames

About a day ago, I got to play around with an oxy-hydrogen torch, that burns at around 3200 oC. I made some solutions of various metal salts, such as NaCl, KBr, Sr(CH3COO)2, CuSO4, and put these solutions into the hot flame. When I did this I got some beautiful colours.

Some of these emission lines, such as Na, K, Li, and Cu, you may have seen in fireworks. Sr can be seen in road flares. But I'm sure you haven't seen all these flame colours.

23:07, April 2, 2019 (UTC)

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Is any other fandom experiencing loading issues?

Im having a loading problem with fandom and idk what to do when i created a new page for mine it  just takes forever to load.

here is the problem im experiencing

my internet connection is good and idk what else to say other then the site is broken and i want to ask the staff here if they know how to fix thanks

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OneBehindTheHair OneBehindTheHair 8 March 2019

Cool Decoration

Bear with me, this could be a little confusing.

Now, this is a cool trick I discovered a while back. It's a little resource consuming, it can only be used in pretty specific lighting, but it looks pretty cool.

Here's a picture of the end result in a WIP Gundabad build I started ages ago:

So, looking pretty cool, isn't it? This is how you do it.

Alright, first choose where you want the food item to lie. We'll call that block 1.

Block 2 is directly adjacent to block 1, and you'll dig three blocks down from block 2. Place a torch at the bottom of the hole.

Mine out the block under block 1 and put a plate there.

Following me? No? Alright, here's how it should look.

Understand now? Excellent. It takes a little less than 64 food items to show through b…

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Glflegolas Glflegolas 13 February 2019

Region Spotlight -- Issue 32 -- February 13, 2019

Why hello there.

It's been a while since I've done this, but with a rather messy winter storm bearing down on my house, I figured why not do this since I really don't have anything else to do.

The region I have chosen to feature today is actually more of a region variant than a true region. It's rather wet, and is the kind of location where people like to build cottages in real life. That's right, it's a lake.

  • 1 Where are they?
  • 2 What do you like about this region?
  • 3 Any advice for travellers?
  • 4 Photos

Lakes and ponds can be found as uncommon variants of most regions of Middle-earth. The exact location of each lake/pond depends on the world seed, and varies depending on the world, although fixed lakes are found near Esgaroth, north of the Shire, and s…

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New funny bug in the sauron mob

ok so im using the 1.6.4 version of lotr and what im going to say is funny

i spawned in multiple saurons on some elves to see what would happen

they defeated the elves but they dealt damage to eachother with the mace and look at this meme i made becuase they started hitting eachother XD

one does not simply make the dark lord angry at himself

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ESP LOTR ESP LOTR 6 January 2019


This is just a quick announcement to let you all know that I'm working on an updated Pirate Speak translation for the mod. It doesn't appear to have been updated for a long time, as more than half the blocks and items have no translation. My plan is for it to be totally comprehensive, like any good translation, and include everything from weapons and armor to gui and achievements.

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Gen. Grievous1138 Gen. Grievous1138 26 December 2018


For nearly a full year, I have awaited this moment.

After many long nights spent writing...

At 269 pages...

With 121,900+ words...

It is my pleasure to present the Complete Guide to the Clone Wars!

After deciding that it would honestly just be too boring to just throw out the revised Clone Wars timeline that I've made, I decided to make a book out of it, and that book is now complete. In eighteen chapters (plus a prologue and epilogue), this Guide thoroughly and exhaustively explores the Clone Wars, from the Separatist Crisis to the last days of the war. Complete with color maps and in-depth battle profiles, each chapter explores 1-3 months of the Clone Wars at a time, treating the conflict as one massive story, from the widely-known battles of…

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Glflegolas Glflegolas 25 December 2018

Has the LotR Mod Lost Its Charm? Applying AntVenom's Video to the Mod

Good day,

Today, I watched a video on AntVenom's channel, in which he tries to answer the question, "is Minecraft (vanilla, modded, otherwise) dying?" By all accounts of sales figures and active players, the answer to that question is no. The game is still selling well, and more people have played Minecraft in November than in the past several years. So the game isn't dying by a numbers point of view.

But, you can also look at it from a more philosophical point of view: has Minecraft lost the charm that attracted players years ago? To answer this, watch AntVenom's video on the topic below.

After watching this video, it got me thinking. We're in a similar situation with the Lord of the Rings mod in that it's been around for a good many years (close …

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SWVWC SWVWC 14 November 2018

Warhammer 40k and other Warhammer Games: My take

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I found a way to get rid of middle earth lag for good

I disciverd a way to get rid of middle earth lag for good without the need of Fastcraft.

Mods required



What to do in the luancher

Set the M1G into 4Gs if you have a 64Bit Pc

Set the M1G into 2Gs if you have 32Bit Pc

Optifine Video settings

Turn off all particles

Set the FOV to the highest

Render Distance 8

Mipmap levels to 0

Transparent blocks from fancy to fast

Graphics fast

Max FPS Unlimited

Smooth lighting to off

Smooth Fps on this stabilizes Fps

Chunk loading to multi core

Advanced OpenGL to fancy

Fog start 02

and turn regular fog to off

Fast math to on

Let me know if this worked becuase it worked for me so it should work for you as well :).

I would also recomend Orespawn so the lag will move into Orespawn dimensions instead of Middle eart…

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Glflegolas Glflegolas 1 November 2018

Region Spotlight -- Issue 31 -- November 1, 2018

Alright folks, it's been a long while. Way too long if you ask me.

You know what I'm talking about... I haven't done a region spotlight/biome of the week since I don't know when. Maybe I should rename this to "region of the year" instead??

Alright lets cut the chitchat. Let's do a region that I'm sure just about everybody has visited at one time or another, though some people clearly find this region a pain in the derriere to visit. That's right, we're talking Eriador.


|traders = Blue Mountains Merchant
Iron Hills Merchant
Galadhrim Wanderer
Merchant of Harad
Oddment Collector
Rivendell Wanderer |structures = Gundabad Orc Camp
Ranger Camp
Ruined House
Ruined Dúnedain Tower
Ranger Watchtower
Stone Ruins
Orc Dungeon |added in = 12}}

  • 1 Where i…

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