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This feature is present in: Renewed only.

Blubber torches are non-solid blocks similar to vanilla torches but more suited to the Men of Forochel.


They will break instantly and drop themselves when broken using any tool. The tool will not take any damage when breaking the torch. They will also be broken if flowing water runs over them.

Blubber torches are crafted by combining one stick with one piece of blubber on a Lossoth crafting table.

Lossoth crafting recipe
Lossoth Crafting
any stick
Blubber Torch


These torches can be placed on the top or the sides of most solid blocks. Being non-solid, they have no collision box.

Gravity affected blocks like sand and gravel will not fall if the block below them has a torch on it, and will break if they fall onto a torch.


Blubber torches give off a light level of 12, two less than most torches, meaning that they will only melt snow or ice that they are placed on rather than in a two block radius like other torches.

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  The Snowmen of Forochel  

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