Blue Mountains Houses are structures that the Blue Mountains dwarves call their home. The outside is designed to look like a mountain to prevent unexpected visitors or attacks on their precious home. At the front of the house is a Dwarven door which is only detectable at night. You can also find the houses, if you hear someone eating or drinking, when nobody is close. Then it's probably a dwarf in his house.

This particular Dwarf house spawns in the Blue Mountains biome, but it is akin to Dwarven houses which spawn in the Iron Hills biome, and house Dwarves from Durin's Folk.


The upper floor of the house is made of brick and stairs and has a table in front of a roaring fire. The rooms of the lower level have wooden walls and a carpet over a brick floor. In one room, there are two beds set next to each other. In the other, there are two furnaces, a vanilla crafting table, a Blue Mountains crafting table, a cauldron full of water, two barrels of either ale or tonic (of various potency), and a double chest containing food, plates, mugs and other rare items.


Inside each house is a male and female dwarf and sometimes a child. This is a good way to get the 'Spot the Difference' achievement.

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NPCs: Dwarf (Axe Thrower, Banner Bearer, Warrior)
Traders: CommanderMerchantMinerSmith
Items: Armour (Boar) • EquipmentMarriage Ring
Blocks: BedBrickCrafting TableDoorForgeSarlluin Brick
Structures: HouseMineSmithyStronghold

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