The Blue Mountains Smithy is a small structure found in the Blue Mountains, it contains a Blue Mountains Smith and also a large amount of blacksmithing-like blocks, so these are very useful for loot.


The Smithy is only found in the Blue Mountains and in the Blue Mountains foothills.


The smithy's foundations are made of Sarlluin Brick, its walls are made of spruce wood planks, and its roof and chimney are made of Dwarven Brick.

Blue Dwarven Smithy



As you go in, you are immediately faced with an anvil, with the blacksmith on the other side. Directly on the right and left there are rows of smithing equipment: An unsmeltery, an anvil, a Blue Mountains crafting table, a chest, and a normal crafting table.

On the far side of the room there is a forge area, with 3 Dwarven forges facing into the room, with a small amount of lava enclosed by Blue dwarven bars and some carved Sarlluin bricks.

Blue Dwarven Smithy interior


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