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This structure is the equivalent to the Dwarven Tower of the Iron Hills and Erebor. It spawns (albeit rarely) in the Blue Mountains and consists largely of Sarlluin brick, a material that can only be found in the Blue Mountains.


Note: this article uses the British convention for floor naming. The Blue Mountains Stronghold is very different in appearance to the Iron Hills Dwarven Tower, and consists of three floors.

Blue Mountains Stronghold.png

Ground floor[]

This level contains two sleeping rooms to the sides and an ore storage room at the end. The sleeping rooms contain two Dwarven Beds, a double-chest with food and other dwarven items, ranging from Dwarven Steel to tools and weapons to armour. The ore storage contains some placed ore blocks chosen randomly from a list of iron, tin, copper, silver or gold.

First floor[]

This is the main crafting/living room. It has two dwarven forges and one Blue Mountains Crafting Table on each side. At the end is a passage to a lookout platform.

Second floor[]

The topmost floor is the where the Blue Mountains Commander spawns. It has pillars instead of walls so you can look out in any direction.


The Stronghold is inhabited by one Blue Mountains Commander who spawns on the third floor and ~4 Blue Mountains Warriors or Blue Mountains Axe-throwers who spawn on the second floor. Both the commander and the soldiers tend to wander around the structure a bit.

Use as a base[]

Blue Mountains strongholds can make a good base for players allied with the Blue Mountains. They offer a good view in all directions, quick access to a Blue Mountains Commander, four naturally spawning warriors and axe-throwers for protection, and lots of space to put storage chests. If players need even more space to put stuff, expansion underground and/or building a mineshaft under the stronghold is a very dwarf-appropriate option.

Blue Mountains Shield.png  The Dwarves of the Blue Mountains  Blue Mountains Banner.PNG

NPCs: Dwarf (Axe Thrower, Banner Bearer, Warrior)
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Items: Armour (Boar) • EquipmentMarriage Ring
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