Let's share things and stories that happened on any LotR server. Don't let all those moments be lost in time like tears in rain!

Blade Runner 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition -- Tears in Rain

Blade Runner 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition -- Tears in Rain

I'll start with two stories!

1 - The Great Troll Hunt... or not - This happened last year, I think. My good friend Traceus/Anardial or whatever he calls himself these days, invited me to a Troll hunt on Angmar. If I'm not mistaken, the whole endeavor was to acquire Troll totems or, I don't know, I'm sure that it had something to do with the Troll Chieftain.

There were also two Elven players on this hunt and they were killed seconds after we teleported to Angmar! Yep, we started the hunt with the right foot. Anyway, there were too many Orcs and Trolls for Traceus and me, and we ended up taking refuge in a makeshift stone fort we built. It was quite tense! Every time we looked outside, rocks hurled by the Trolls blasted against our cobblestone walls and arrows flew over our heads.

But we found a solution to that stalemate! We teleported away...

2 - Ring Hunt - The server owner decided to make an event, a hunt for the One Ring (it happened right after a server update, I believe). The first person to capture it would get the power to become invisible or another reward if it decided to destroy it (was it a mob spawner?). All kinds of teleportation were deactivated (there was one left) and new hints for the Ring location were posted regularly on the server's website. It was quite hard, but things changed when the hint "It makes you glad" (it was more or less like that) was posted. With the help of google, I found the GLADden Fields, the place where Isildur died and the Ring was lost (Don't judge me, back then I didn't know most of the English names for Middle Earth's places).

I run as quickly as I could to the Gladden Fields. I had a companion with me (sorry, I don't remember who it was :/) that had to abandon our mighty quest for real life issues (a.k.a. bedtime). Once I entered the Gladden Fields and got the achievement for it, moments later someone also got that same achievement! I wasn't the only one to solve the puzzle! (The heads were hidden on the map).

I reached the center waypoint of the Gladden Fields, sweating like a pig. I looked everywhere, hoping to see the Ring and fearing to see a name tag. Then I remembered that Isildur died on the river, so I made my way there. Walking by the Anduin River's bank, I found a watered cave and inside that cave was a chest, and inside the chest the One Ring! I swiftly made my out of the Gladden Fields, luckily without being followed. Being a Gondorian impervious to the Ring corruption, I went to Mordor to destroy the Ring (I'm ashamed to say that I exploited a teleportation way into Mordor, because no one simply walks into Mordor, but I still had to walk and run a lot anyway). There were Orcs on the slopes of the fiery mountain, but I sneaked past them. Once I crossed the doorway to inside the mountain, I didn't think twice and I cast out the Ring onto the fires of Mount Doom. (There's some screenshots about it on my profile).

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