Hi there, i just found this thread out while tried to found out the reason of not putting that mod on the CurseForge. Curiously enough i need this because of Aternos just as founder of the topic. Well, sadly to see that started about a half-year ago and still gave out nothing. Neither yes nor even a solid no (please dont put there a solid no, itll break my heart).

Curseforge is handy, useful and comfortable bank of most of the mods for Minecraft. As said many times already, it might attract many new auditory, count us Atrenos players at least! And the ignoramuses? As also said, all we were newbies, and also all we can lead others to stop being newbies. There are already people who overask about updating, we still can ignore or teach them if they will increase in numbers.

Put the Lord of the Rings Mod for Minecraft in CurseForge, please, and sorry if i have terrible grammar.

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