ELVES of lindon

Noldor and imladris (imladris also get gondor style market by village ) 

Tbh high elves need villages similiar to gondor strucutres:village house fountain farm inn turret with npcs as opposes to abandoned oh and smithy in village  also if at sea harbor with no ships untill there added bassicly an aestetic cosmetic  port for immersion (that men facs could use too) imladris get domed halls not towers 


mabye tree large flets for laiquendi subfac (elves with super fast bows and staves that are like wood elven scouts but no jump boost but much faster bows at least for warriors )

And perhaps hideouts with crafting and large tree houses for hiring laiquendi warriors (called wardens  not warriors )   

Sindar of lindon

Bassicly houses like mirkwood and towers wood halls and tree flets small and smithys and fountains 

Units sindar warriors and cav being axe and bow warriors with strong bows that fire slower like dale but possibly a bit different 


Afformentioned harbors plus forts and markets markets being near ports also halls smithys and villages which have markets if close to harbors aka ports (again i said no ships whatsoever 

Units falathrim mariner and mariner cav (swim quick have exactly one spear to throw at all times


Durins folk

Halls that are like rohan cities in aprox size but under mtns market armory houses treasure throne with captain whole idea 

Dwarven  watchtowers similar to dale type 

Dwarven vaults 

Dwarven armory


Units axes of erebor (elite dwarf warriors with battleaxes that ignore 2.5 armor points and do a lot of damage (hammer but faster ) also has silver trimmed helmet and boots 28 hp strength

Blue mtns strucutres and units 

Feast hall 



Turret (more traditional watchtower )

Greater stronghold (more blue stronghold form of dwarf hall )

Units belegost mauls (flameproof dwarves in special masks that add protection as well as better armor maul that is like hammer but slower and even stronger )


Fruit of lindon trees offers regen in lindon for elven alignment  users 

Mtn goat (unridable ) in dwarven lands wandering 

Mabye a couple fangorn plants (very few types ) in lindon

so thoughts

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