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[ Mumâklâi]
[ Mumâklâi]
'''Thanks for reading my small suggestion on how I think the Morwaith should be edited. Of course, I expect and welcome any critiscism!'''<ac_metadata title="[Closed:Expired] On the Mango-men of the Savannahs" related_topics="Morwaith (Faction)"> </ac_metadata>
'''Thanks for reading my small suggestion on how I think the Morwaith should be edited. Of course, I expect and welcome any critiscism!''' <ac_metadata title="[Closed:Expired] On the Mango-men of the Savannahs" related_topics="Morwaith (Faction)" lastmove="1533497354"> </ac_metadata>

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A small suggestion which I was hoping could be reviewed by the community before I post it, just to gather public opinion on such. 

I understand that Kickratgames101 has already made a suggestion covering the Morwaith, but I don't think it is relatively fitting, and would like to know your guys' opinion on the matter


Morwaith Regalia- Crafted with gold nuggets in a Morwaith CT, it shares a similar appearance to the gold ornaments / jewellery worn by the current Morwaith NPCS and has a purely decorative purpose. Morwaith Regalia can be sold to Southron traders and can be rarely found in Morwaith huts. It provides no protection value, but serves to display wealth.

Morwaith Pan - Crafted with 3 sticks and 3 dried reed in a Morwaith CT, this is the main mode of gold production for the Morwaith communities. It works by holding it, and right clicking on a water body (only works in river subbiomes). It takes a short time to pan, and has it’s own loot and junk table.

Horns - Horns in general should be slightly rarer as a drop, and able to be sold to Southron Poachers for a hefty price.

Ivory - Crafted by placing 9 of any horn in crafting table, this expensive resource can be used to make blocks, jewellery, cups and other items. Morwaith don’t believe Ivory to have much worth, and so gladly sell their supplies to Southron traders, who sell them for much higher prices to the nobles of the northern world.

Morwaith Cap - A simple hat, crafted by placing gemsbok hide in a 2x2 pattern on a Morwaith CT. It is identical in stats to the Leather Hat currently in the game, and is able to be gilded (purely for the wealthy Morwaith, such as trader NPCs)

Clay / Ceramic Bowl - Crafted with 5 clay in an upside down hat pattern, it must then be baked to produce a Ceramic Bowl. The Bowl is special in that it can only hold fruits, berries, plants and vegetables, but can hold one entire toolbar of stacks. It can be placed, but also can be worn in the helmet slot (where the contents are inaccessible until placed), and can be rarely seen on top of Morwaith civillians. An ornamented, decorative ivory version of the bowl would be available as well.

Clay / Ceramic Jar - Already covered in other suggestions, just added it in here for the sake of mentioning it in the structures section. An ornamented, ivory version of the jar would be available for the wealthier folk.


Morwaith - Morwaith in general should have a faster walking speed than regular Northmannish factions, due to their hunter-gatherer lifestyle and requirement of running long distances in order to hunt down prey.

Morwaith Warriors - Should also be hireable individually.

Morwaith Hunter- A unique but not elite unit of the Morwaith, these wear full Gemsbok Hide Armor, and have a higher sight range than normal (which would be unaffected at night) and would lower the detection range of all nearby enemy npcs. Their uniqueness would stem from their ability to run and throw spears at the same time. However, to make them less OP, they would always charge in towards the enemy. They will always attack animals, but only when no enemy NPCs are around. They would be hired individually or for the same price as a Morwaith Warrior from Morwaith Huntsmen, and be commonly found at Morwaith Hunter Camps.

Morwaith Chieftain - Would be completely revamped, there is an entire sector below that covers it in detail.

Southron Poacher - A cruel, wandering trader which can be found in the Far Harad Savannahs and Near Harad Desert, these would buy any type of animal drop found in Far Harad and would sell shiny metal Haradric weaponry and equipment.

Lion - Would be made much stronger, being buffed to 40 health, gaining 5 protection and dealing about 5.5 damage per strike. Currently they are not that dangerous, and should pose more of a danger to Morwaith players. They should generally avoid NPCs, but if they or a player comes close enough, they should always attack first (especially Lionesses, but idk if this is possible). Very rarely, starving Lions should attack smaller passive mobs or civillians. They would have a faster movement speed, have a jump attack that deals 10 damage and has a reach of 5 blocks, and should have group aggro akin to Zombie Pigmen.

Hyenas - An absolute terror. These would have about 14 health, but have 2 protection and deal about 7 damage per strike, and have a rather fast movement speed. They would spawn (rarely) in large packs at night, and though they do not regularly attack NPCs, they decimate any passive mobs they see, and commonly even skirmish amongst each other. They are aggressive towards the player, and commonly attacked by Morwaith NPCs. They laugh rarely, which causes weakness effects to nearby passive animals.


Morwaith Shack - Nearly identical to the Morwaith Hunter Shack, save slightly in design. Ceramic bowls, jars and reed baskets are found here with poor loot. These would typically be found on the outside of Villages.

Morwaith Grandhut - A larger variant of the Morwaith Hut, they would be similair in size and shape to current Morwaith Chieftain Huts, and would contain rich loot, supplies of ivory and gold, and perhaps a couple of warriors that spawn within it.

Morwaith Chieftain Hut - Would be made much grander, being the largest structure in the Morwaith community

Morwaith Village - Current Morwaith Village would have their Morwaith Chieftain Huts removed, and be made slightly larger, with Morwaith shacks around the edges. These would spawn relatively close-ish to Morwaith Chief Villages.

Morwaith Chief Village - The heart of the local Morwaith tribal community, these would be much larger Villages, containing a single Morwaith Chieftain Hut at the center, with the Grandhuts second closest to the center, Trader huts spread out inbetween the smaller huts and shacks at the furthest outskirts, getting more loose and disorganized the farther from the center one goes.

Morwaith ChieftainsEdit

The main focus of this suggestion! Morwaith Chieftains would be almost completely revamped in this suggestion.

First off, Morwaith Chieftains would, when idle and unhired, act as a moving NPC respawner (as long as there are not enough Morwaith civilians nearby.) Making them truly the centrepoint of the Morwaith Villages.

They would have about 24 HP, but claiming miniquests in a vicinity of 50 blocks from them improves either their HP, armor rating or attack damage / speed in a small but significant manner (obviously with a cap).

They would then be hireable if you have 1000+ Moredain alignment, and only one would be hireable at a time. When hired, they would give slight strength bonuses to nearby friendly units, and weakness effects to nearby enemy units.

If killed while hired, they would not respawn.

If killed while not hired, they would respawn completely reset

When dismissed, their hiring abilities return.

To prevent Morwaith Villages from going Chieftainless, one could rarely get a multi-part miniquest from Morwaith Warriors (only if there is no nearby Chieftain), which would be to gather a lion chieftain set and provide it to them. This would despawn the Morwaith Warrior and spawn a hired Morwaith Chieftain when completed.

(Optional) Each unit hired from a Morwaith Chieftain would have the Morwaith Chieftain’s first name as their last name, providing them with a sense of ‘Tribal Loyalty’



[Haradric Predators] - Hire a Morwaith Hunter

[Pioneer] - Craft a Morwaith pan

[Gold rush] - Find a gold nugget by panning

[King of Lions] - Hire a Morwaith Chieftain

[Master of Balance] - wear a Ceramic Bowl on your head

[Conspirator] - Make a Morwaith Chieftain


[Conspirator] - Make a Morwaith Chieftain

[Pioneer] - Craft a Morwaith pan


If you'd like to read my other endorsed suggestions on the Inhabitants of Far Harad, you can check them out here





Thanks for reading my small suggestion on how I think the Morwaith should be edited. Of course, I expect and welcome any critiscism!

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