As everyone knows the Oathbreakers or the Dead Men of Dunharrow were men that when Isildur called for their aide in the War of the Last Alliance and they refused. Isildur then cursed them for not helping and trapped them in the world. In the mod they would be the ultimate elite unit for Gondor, you'd need to have 1600 alignment to hire them. They would only spawn in Dunharrow in a large underground cavern (since we can make mountains always spawn in the same place I don't think it'd be hard for a cavern,we already did that for goblin town). In the cavern there would be tons of the dead, if your alignment wasn't above 1600 they would attack you, they will also attack any faction other than Gondor . Somewhere in the cavern would be the Dead King and he is the only one you can hire from. You can hire only one type of unit because they will all be the same. They would however have different types of weapons, they would simply be things like anchient armor and swords. They would look very similar to a barrow wight from the downs but with a more skeletal face rather than a screwed up one. They would also do the same wither effect. They will have high health because you can't kill a ghost so something like 150 health (it could also be made to have Olog health). Because of their amazingniss they need to have a high price, something around 150-180 silver coins. Now a lot of people are going to get on to me for this post for 1. It's op and unbalanced, well guess what, if you couldn't already tell Middle Earth is plenty unbalanced. The Oathbreakers are supposed to be very OP. 2. It isn't lore to hire them, ok yes in lore you have to be Isildurs heir and wield anduril but since there's not a way a to become king on here and you can only get Anduril via creative mode I think it will be fine.

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