For this suggestion, I've retextured a few of the Orc daggers that I felt could look a bit better. Currently, the Black Uruk dagger is gigantic. Frankly, I think it feels bigger than the cleaver. Not just that, with its many spikes jutting out from the blade, it looks like an even more threatening and effective weapon.


Considering something with such low damage, and with such a basic crafting recipe, doesn't at all match its current texture, I propose a different design for it.

I've based this retexture off Shagrat's knife in the books, which is said to be long and red.


Here I've remade the good ol' Mordor dagger. The current one is pretty basic, so I've made it longer and a bit more interesting.


And finally (at least for now), I remade the Isengard dagger, which is currently very small and thin. I've made it wider and bulkier, similar to how their swords are described.


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