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This feature is present in: Renewed, Legacy.

The Book of True-silver is a special item used to apply the True modifier to mithril armour.


It can be found as loot from chests within Dwarven mineshafts. It can also be obtained by completing mini-quests for Durin's Folk. You can also get them from killing npc's, from Mystery Webs in the Mirkwood forest, or from ruins.


It can be combined with a piece of mithril armour and some mithril mail in an anvil to obtain the True modifier. This modifier provides a level of protection against polearms: any melee weapon with melee reach greater than or equal to 130%. It is exclusive to mithril armour.

This modifier isn't compatible with other special protections (cooling, unwithering, belegostian, glancing, deflecting, eölean).

Books of True-silver are among the few items that can be stored in bookshelves.