Boss Trophies are exclusive items dropped by the mod's bosses. There is a trophy for each boss.

As of Public Beta 24, the different trophy types are:

This page is just for the decorative trophies; bosses can also drop other items.

Obtaining Edit

When a boss is defeated it will always drop the respective trophy item.

Uses Edit

The boss trophies have no practical use, but are great to put on display in your build to showcase your achievements and gain the respect of other players. And since every boss drops a trophy, you can go back more times to kill the boss again in order to earn more trophies!

A boss trophy can be placed on the ground, in a manner similar to rugs, or hung on the wall like a painting.

Trivia Edit

  • The boss trophies are not blocks. They are items when in the inventory, and entities when placed in the world (like boats, paintings, item frames, troll statues, etc.). It is because of this that they can be placed on the ground with any orientation and not aligned to the block grid.
  • Until the addition of the boss trophies in Public Beta 24, the Hill-troll Chieftain had no exclusive drops. This sad state of affairs lasted for 13 updates, since the chieftain was added in Public Beta 11.

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