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This feature is present in: Renewed, Legacy.

Boulders are a terrain feature found in various biomes.


Boulders are usually composed of the common type of rock found in the respective biome, such as Rohan rock in Rohan, Gondor rock in Gondor, Mordor rock in Mordor, etc. In other biomes where there is no special rock like these, boulders consist of regular stone. Boulders are found in most biomes, although they're not necessarily as obvious in locations where the ground is not composed of grass, such as Mordor. Boulders vary greatly in size, ranging from a small stature of 3x3x3 blocks to something the size of a small hill.

Boulders are exactly what their name implies: they are just masses of rock. Their main purpose is for decoration, but they can serve as a convenient source of stone near the surface if the player doesn't want to look underground. 

2014-08-02 16.56.09.png
Mordor boulder
Boulder Rohan.png
Rohan boulder
Stone and sandstone boulders generated adjacent to one another in Rhudel


Boulders are found in the following biomes:

Please note: unless otherwise stated, they are made of the rock type of the corresponding biome.

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