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At that moment there was a sharp twang. Legolas had loosed his bow. There was a hideous yell, and the leaping shape thudded to the ground; the Elvish arrow had pierced its throat.

The Fellowship of the Ring, A Journey in the Dark

(see also: Bow)

The Bow of Mirkwood is a very fast bow used by the Wood-elves, Wood-elf warriors and Wood-elf scouts, and has a range bonus similar to the Galadhrim bow. It is currently the fastest bow in the mod, and deals the third highest damage per minute of any bow. However, it doesn't deal as much damage as many of the other bows in the mod, being only as strong as the vanilla bow.


Draw Time (ticks) Ranged Damage Range
14 6-11 ( 6  to  11  11 ) 100%


The recipe for crafting the Bow of Mirkwood requires easily-accessible vanilla materials: three sticks and three pieces of string. These materials must be placed on a Wood-elven crafting table as they would be a normal bow. In order to do this you must have at least +1 alignment with the Woodland Realm.

Wood-elven crafting recipe
Wood-elven Crafting
any stick
any stick
any stick
Bow of Mirkwood
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NPCs: Elf (Banner Bearer, Scout, Warrior)
Traders: CaptainSmith
Items: Armour (Galvorn, Scout, Elk) • BowEquipment
Blocks: BedBrickCrafting TableForgeTorch
Structures: HouseLookout PlatformSmithyTower (Ruined)