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Boyd is a moderator on the Facebook page and an admin on the mod's Official Server. His in-game username is TheSmileBC. He is currently factionless and building Nargothrond on The Official Server after having been part of the Morwaith and unofficially Dale after his hiatus. He used to be named Malinon_Catsman, Arantoer_II and b_boymasterman and built Edoras or Minas Tirith, mostly on his own, but later turned evil, led the Hillmen of Rhudaur, and changed his name to what it is today. After a temporary ruling period in The Woodland Realm on The Official Server, he built Helm's Deep and the Glittering Caves. He left the adminship, but has then reclaimed his title as Admin later after a stressful period. On the wiki, his username is Arantoer. He is active again an writing the speechbanks for Renewed.

Boyd is also the main host of The Official Server Podcast which currently exists out of seven launched episodes and one Modcast. These Podcasts can be found on his YouTube channel. Since the time of Beta 27, Boyd also produces a YouTube video every time the mod is updated, showcasing the new features added.

He has done two "Ask Boyd Anything" events on the wiki, in which he answers any questions he is capable of answering and has started showing some of Mevans' older works by starting a Let's Play of the Lion King Mod, which is the predecessor of The Lord of the Rings Mod.

He is also one of the few Moderators who met Mevans in real life in Amsterdam where they opened up a cold one, and the only other staff member who has Mevans' signature inside of his Silmarillion.

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