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This article is about the faction. For the biome, see Bree-land (Biome).

Bree-land is a small settlement of Men and Hobbits to the east of the shire. Protected by the watchful eyes of the Dúnedain of the North very few orcs or wargs ravage these lands. Major towns are Bree, Archet, Staddle, and Combe.


The Men of Bree are (by their own account) some of the oldest to continuously dwell in Middle-earth, living in Bree-land before the coming of the Númenóreans from the sea. They are thought to be related to the Dunlendings; descendants of the men who lived in the vales of the White Mountains.

When the ancestors of the hobbits first crossed the Misty Mountains into Eriador in 1150 T.A., they found ample space amongst the remnants of the Dúnedain to form settlements of their own, sometimes alongside other Men. Many of these were later forgotten and abandoned, but Bree (settled by hobbits around 1300 T.A.) endured. In these settlements the Hobbits learned Westron and became more like the hobbits of the late Third Age. In 1601 of that age, the Fallohide brothers Marcho and Blanco left Bree to form a new 'colony' in what would later be named The Shire. This year would then become the first year of the Shire Reckoning.

It is said that pipe-smoking originated in Bree (and that perhaps Old Toby himself learnt of it there) and that the Prancing Pony Inn (owned by Butterburs from the early days of Bree's existence) was the centre of that art.

In the late Third Age, Bree-land, and Bree in particular, were still important locations. As Bree was at a crossroads of two major Númenórean roads (the Great East Road and the North-South Road) many travellers passed through the lands (although less than in ages past). Furthermore, due to its population's relative independence and disinterest in the outside world, the variety of travellers was greater than many other places allow.

On 15th March, 2941 Gandalf met Thorin Oakenshield at an inn in Bree to discuss his plans for the Quest of Erebor. In 2953, Saruman began to send spies to Bree, and other places, while fortifying Isengard.

During the events of the War of the Ring, Bree was an important meeting point: as the westernmost settlement of men in Middle-earth, and home to a sizable continent of hobbits, it was largely friendly to travellers such as the four hobbits of the Fellowship. There they were meant to meet Gandalf, but instead met Strider (who would later be known to them as Aragorn) who then accompanied them. Following the completion of their quest, the hobbits returned to the Shire via Bree, both of which they found had been attacked by ruffians.


The Men and Hobbits of Bree live exclusively in their home biome of Bree-land, but not its more forested sub-biome, Chetwood. The ruffians (although technically aligned with Isengard) can be found commonly in Chetwood and rarely in Adornland, Dunland and Nan Curunír, as well as Bree-land.


The Bree-landers are peaceful folk and are only allied with the Hobbits of the Shire. They are friendly towards the Rangers that guard them, Elves and Dwarves; they are mortal enemies of the Orcs. They do not encourage war crimes (the killing of enemy civilians)

Ranks of Bree-land:

  • Enemy (-)
  • Stranger (0)
  • Bree-land Guest (+10)
  • Bree-land Friend (+50)
  • Bree-land Townsman (+100)
  • Bree-land Trustee (+200)
  • Champion of Bree (+500)
  • Captain of Bree (+1000)
  • Master of Bree (+2000)

Inter-faction relations for Bree-land (BREE)

Mortal Enemies
Hobbits Blue Mountains
Dúnedain of the North
Durin's Folk
High Elves
Woodland Realm

Near Harad

None Angmar
Dol Guldur
•Dark Huorns

Sphere of influence[]

Their sphere of influence mainly surrounds their homeland, with a fairly wide area of reduced influence around the Barrow-downs, Old Forest and Midgewater. Spheres of influence are centered around the Bree, Archet, and Forsaken Inn waypoints.

The Bree-landers' sphere of influence.


Bree-land invasions consist of Bree Guards and banner bearers. They do not occur naturally in any biome and can therefore only spawn with the use of a warhorn.


Conquerable biomes[]

Only Bree-land.

Ally aids only[]

The Shire, Eriador (White Downs only), Barrow-downs and the Old Forest.


There are also two types of ruffian present in Bree-land, though they are technically unaligned and create localised areas of influence for Isengard.

  • Ruffian Spy - shady characters looking to gather information (and other things) for Saruman.
  • Ruffian Brute - tougher ruffians that will be loyal to whoever values loyalty the most...


  • Bree-land Settlement - the large, fixed villages and smaller, random hamlets of Bree-land. None of the smaller structures within these settlements can be found on their own.
  • Small Stone Ruins - fairly rare structures perhaps made by those who ventured outside the comfort of the settlements long ago.
  • Stone Ruin - piles of Arnor and stone bricks.


  • Bree-land Crafting Table.pngBree-land Crafting Table - Used to craft itself and the Bree-land banner.
  • Banner Bree-land.pngBanner - The banner of Bree-land, picturing a house and the word 'Bree' in Tengwar script.
Bree Shield.png  The Big and Little Folk of Bree  Bree-land Banner.png

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