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The Bree-land farmer is a special NPC that the player can both trade with and hire units from. They are a type of Bree-Man, and spawn only in the barns that can be found in the villages and sometimes hamlets of Bree-land.


Bree-land farmers dwell in the barns of Bree-land, two of which can be found in each village and occasionally in hamlets. They carry an iron hoe in one hand and a silver coin in the other; on their head they wear a leather hat.

Farmers are normally passive mobs. When provoked by the player or an enemy mob, they may fight back using their hoe.


In order to trade with the Bree-land farmer, the player must have neutral or positive Bree-land alignment.

Bree-land farmers sell products from their farms. This includes vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, lettuce and pipe-weed leaves. They also sell a variety of seeds, as well as items from the barn: wool, leads, buckets of milk, etc.

They will buy items that they need for farming. These include various types of hoe, buckets, and bonemeal.

Items Sold[]

Below is a table of values for each item that the player is available to purchase from this NPC. Use this table to find out if your farmer is giving you a good deal or not. Not each Bree-land farmer will have every item listed for sale.

Upon buying apples from a Bree-land farmer, the player earns the achievement "One for Bill Ferny".

Items Sold Price Range Images

Items Bought[]

Below is a table of values for each item that the player can sell to this NPC. Use this table to earn more money by only selling when the prices are high. You will not be able to sell every item to every farmer as not each Bree-land farmer will want to purchase every item listed below. Note that they only buy undamaged tools.

Items Bought Price Range Images


Currently, the only unit hire-able from a Bree-land farmer is the Bree-land farmhand. Similar to other farmhands, Bree-land farmhands will help the player sow and harvest crops. To hire this unit, the player must have at least +50 Bree-land alignment and pay between 40 ( 40 ) and 80 ( 80 ) silver coins. The cost of hiring will decrease as the player gains more alignment with this faction and will halve if the player is pledged to Bree-land.

Upon hiring a unit from a Bree-land farmer, the player gains the achievement "Honest Work".



  • You're not one of them Rangers, are you?
  • It's been raining a lot lately, have you noticed?
  • If you are here for our excellent pipe-weed, we grow them on the southern slopes.
  • First those Black Riders, now you. What a strange time.
  • If you are in need of a supply of pipe-weed, you came to the right land!
  • Not a lot of people know this, but Bree was the first to discover pipe-weed.
  • Don't let those Shirefolk tell you they invented smoking pipe-weed. Bree-folk did it before Old Toby did.
  • You don't happen to be interested in some Southlinch, are you?
  • I'm originally from Archet, a smaller community in Chetwood.
  • Combe is all right, but I prefer Bree-hill myself.
  • Every time the Dwarves come by, our coffers are filled with gold and our casks are empty of ale.
  • It has been raining an awful lot here lately...
  • There's an old saying here in Bree: when the rain comes, strange folk follow.
  • Rain, rain, rain. Nothing but rain here in Bree. What I would not do for some sun, instead.
  • They say when it rains the best tales are told over a flagon of ale.
  • Bree-hill has been our home since the first Men came here.
  • I like having the Little Folk around, they help with tending to the crops.
  • Bree has long survived on the patronage of Dwarves and Men, and of course the Little Folk.
  • I'm worried the rain will ruin the upcoming harvest.
  • You'll only get the freshest of crops with me.
  • Looking to buy some extra hands to tend to your lands?
  • Are you looking for extra hands, or for what the harvest has brought in?
  • Bree-landers are hard workers, I guarantee it!
  • After an incident years ago, we no longer let people hire the Little Folk. It's for their protection, you see.
  • The finest hard-working hands of Bree, at your service!
  • We don't just tend to Southlinch, we tend to other crops too!


  • We have no room for the likes of you in Bree!
  • Flee to the hills, to the rest of your kind!
  • We've dealt with Ruffians like you before, Person!
  • Begone, before we send the hounds after you!
  • How did you slip past the gatekeeper?
  • Call for the guards, we're under attack!
  • Don't come bringing trouble to our peaceful village, why you.
  • Did somebody do your head in?
  • What is the matter with you, acting like that!
  • There is no room for ill-folk such as you in Bree!
  • Off my lands, tosser!
  • You must be the thief, taking off with our crops at night. Well that's about to end!
  • Hands off the plant, criminal scum!
  • Taking you down ain't much, but it's honest work!
  • Oi! You there back there! You know I will catch up with you! I've seen your face!
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