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The Bree-land farmhand is a farming NPC exclusive to Bree-land.


See the Farmhand page for more details.

These workers will tend your fields, and plant any seeds you give them. They will also attack any Rabbits that attempt to steal your crops.


They can be hired for 40-80 ( 40 - 80 ) coins from a farmer, provided you have at least 50 alignment with Bree-land. This cost halves if you pledge to Bree-land.

Hiring one will award the achievement "Honest Work".


These NPCs can be killed rather easily, and drop the same items as normal Bree-Men (bones plus the various foods and other items that can be found in the chests of Bree-land houses) plus a chance to drop the iron hoe they hold.



  • Welcome to the land of Bree, Outsider.
  • We've been getting more Southerners coming up the Greenway lately.
  • You're not one of them Rangers, are you?
  • Be careful around those Rangers in the wild, they're uncanny.
  • If you seek for a place to stay, there is no better place than the Prancing Pony!
  • It's been raining a lot lately, have you noticed?
  • An Outsider? My, where did you come from then?
  • As long as those Southerners don't come looking for a place to stay in Bree, we will be fine.
  • If you are here for our excellent pipe-weed, we grow them on the southern slopes.
  • You aren't one of those sorcerers, are you?
  • Person! Any news from your travels?
  • I plan on visiting some relatives in Staddle soon.
  • Keep your voice down! Them Rangers have unnatural hearing, I tell you.
  • I heard a lot of robbers have been going up to Deadmen's Dike lately.
  • I don't trust those Southerners, where do they plan on going? I hope not here.
  • There have been some strange folk coming up the Greenway.
  • I heard a grey wanderer came by recently, left in a hurry too.
  • First those Black Riders, now you. What a strange time.
  • If you are in need of a supply of Southlinch, you should try the markets.
  • Not a lot of people know this, but Bree was the first to discover pipe-weed.
  • Don't let those Shirefolk tell you they invented smoking pipe-weed. Bree-folk did it before Old Toby did.
  • We aren't getting a lot of travellers from the West anymore.
  • You don't happen to have some Southfarthing pipe-weed on you, do you?
  • Have you been close to those barrows West of here? The place gives me the creeps.
  • If you plan on heading further East, make sure to stop by the Forsaken Inn - it's the last civilised place that way.
  • I'm originally from Archet, a smaller community in Chetwood.
  • Combe is all right, but I prefer Bree-hill myself.
  • I love listening to tales and songs from the Outsiders.
  • Everytime the Dwarves come by, our coffers are filled with gold and our casks are empty of ale.
  • Be sure you don't wander into the Barrow-downs West from here. They're bad luck, I tell you.
  • I never see those Rangers do anything useful, I can't tell if that means they are that good or that lazy.
  • News came that something is stirring in the East. I hope it doesn't reach Bree.
  • It has been raining an awful lot here lately...
  • There's an old saying here in Bree: when the rain comes, strange folk follow.
  • Rain, rain, rain. Nothing but rain here in Bree. What I would not do for some snow, instead.
  • They say when it rains the best tales are told over a flagon of ale.
  • Bree-hill has been our home since the first Men came here.
  • I like having the Little Folk around, they do well tending the crops.
  • The Little Folk may not seem as much, but Bree-folk would not be the same without them.
  • I miss the days the Little Folk from the Shire came over to party. Those were good times.
  • They say Hobbits have an unnatural talent of throwing things, but I don't want to risk asking.
  • Bree has long survived on the patronage of Dwarves and Men, and of course the Little Folk.
  • I'm worried the rain will make the Greenway too hard to traverse.


  • We have no room for the likes of you in Bree!
  • Flee to the hills, to the rest of your kind!
  • We've dealt with Ruffians like you before, Person!
  • Begone, before we send the hounds after you!
  • I knew those Ruffians coming up the Greenway were up to no good!
  • How did you slip past the gatekeeper?
  • To the midges with you!
  • I have been in barfights more intimidating than you!
  • Call for the guards, we're under attack!
  • Don't come bringing trouble to our peaceful village, why you.
  • Did somebody do your head in?
  • What is the matter with you, acting like that!
  • There is no room for ill-folk such as you in Bree!
  • Mind your own business, Ruffian.
  • I have fought Little Folk tougher than you!
  • You fight like one of them Little Folk.


  • What's my task today? Watering, planting, or harvesting?
  • Show me where you want me to plant these crops, Person.
  • These seem like some fine lands to work.
  • When do we start? Also, when is our break?
  • You want me to work here, or somewhere else?
  • Hand me the seeds, I'll bring you the crop.
  • Is there a chest for me to put the harvest in?
  • Ready to work, Person!
  • This is fine weather for honest work, don't you agree?
  • One day, I will be the one with my own farm, lending out farmhands of my own.
  • People keep complaining about Ruffians and Southerners, but it's the rabbits that grind my gear.
  • Why has there never been a farming tool known as a bird-bane?
  • I find new rabbit holes trying to destroy my crops every night.
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