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This feature is present in: Renewed, Legacy.

Bree-land Guards are men tasked with the protection of Bree-land. They wear a mix of leather and chainmail armour with an iron helmet, and wield either an iron sword or, less commonly, an iron pike. They also hold the shield of Bree-land.


Bree-land Guards spawn exclusively within the borders of Bree-land in small groups. They also spawn in the gatehouses of Bree-land villages. Outside of Bree-land, they can only be spawned with the use of a warhorn, as Bree-land does not invade anywhere by default.


Bree-land Guards will wander their homeland and defend it from players or NPCs that are enemies of Bree-land. Ruffians will avoid them, but guards will not attack them.


Guards can be hired from a sherriff for 40 coins, provided the player has at least +100 alignment with Bree-land. As usual, the price decreases (to 20) as alignment increases and halves if the player pledges to Bree-land.



  • Nothing to see here, just go about your business.
  • Some say the Rangers are the real defenders of Bree, but why don't we ever see them defend us then?
  • Nothing gets past me unseen or unheard, Person. Just so you know.
  • You'll be safe in Bree, Person.
  • Any news from the Greenway, Person?
  • I don't like the amount of Outsiders coming up the Greenway these days.
  • I've heard rumours of a great evil that has returned in the East. I hope it stays away from Bree.
  • We've been getting more reports of Orcs in the Lone-lands.
  • Be sure to stop by the Forsaken Inn if you plan on heading East, Person.
  • Stay on the roads, friend. Things lurk in the dark.
  • Beware the barrows West of here, they've got an eerie presence about them.
  • Welcome to the land of Bree, Outsider.
  • Be careful around those Rangers in the wild, they're uncanny.
  • If you seek for a place to stay, there is no better place than the Prancing Pony!
  • I don't trust those Southerners, where do they plan on going? I hope not here.
  • First those Black Riders, now you. What a strange time.
  • I never see those Rangers do anything useful, I can't tell if that means they are that good or that lazy.
  • Last week I had the gatekeeper shift. I hope I never have to do that again.
  • My brother is a gatekeeper, my father was a proud guard too. We are all guards in my family.
  • I don't think there is any town as great as Bree.
  • Do you plan to visit the Colonies? I heard they have good food there.


  • We have no room for the likes of you in Bree!
  • We've dealt with Ruffians like you before, Person!
  • Begone, before we send the hounds after you!
  • I knew those Ruffians coming up the Greenway were up to no good!
  • To the midges with you!
  • Don't come bringing trouble to our peaceful village, why you.
  • There is no room for ill-folk such as yourself in Bree!
  • A chance for the Men of Bree to show our quality!
  • We have been here far longer than you have, and will remain here for far longer than you will be remembered!
  • I knew those Rangers were worthless! No matter, I will stop you!
  • No need to call the guards, I am the guard!
  • You'd better leave these peaceful lands, Ruffian!
  • The barrows will soon see a new grave!


  • Glad to have you in command, Person.
  • Together, we can make sure Bree stays proper!
  • We don't need Rangers to protect us, do we? No, we got this all covered. Just you and me.
  • I'm happy we still have decent folk like you leading the people of Bree, Person.
  • What is it? Ruffians? Rangers? Orcs?
  • You give the order, Person, we'll take care of the rest.
  • I'm keeping an eye out for any suspicious behaviour. You'll hear from me if I find anything.
  • If I could choose between following you and gate duty, well, here I am!
  • Proud to be at your service, sir!
  • Nothing to report, or are you here to report something, Person?
  • I will follow your orders, Person!
  • Are we going to tumble with them Ruffians again?
  • Things have been better since you've been in command, sir.
  • Just wondering, do we get paid by arrest, or the hour?
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