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Frodo went forward and nearly bumped into a short fat man with a bald head and a red face. He had a white apron on, and was bustling out of one door and in through another, carrying a tray laden with full mugs.

–At the Sign of the Prancing Pony, The Lord of the Rings

The Bree-land innkeeper is a good trader NPC, who will be happy to trade with anyone that is not enemies with the peaceful region of Bree-land. They sell a variety of food and drink and buy materials to produce even more food. Uniquely, there are both Bree-Man and (less common) Bree-hobbit varieties.

Upon trading with a Bree-land innkeeper, the player earns the achievement "Barliman's Best".


A Bree-hobbit innkeeper.

Bree-land innkeepers will keep their place behind the bar of their inn, waiting for anyone who wants to buy drinks or food. When you kill anyone in the inn or have a negative Bree-land alignment, they will refuse to trade with you.

When attacked, they will fight back with iron or bronze daggers or axes (if they are a Bree-Man) or they will try to flee (if they are a Bree-hobbit).


In each Bree-land inn (found in the centre of villages or occasionally in hamlets), one innkeeper will spawn behind the bar. They will not naturally spawn anywhere else.

In the fixed village of Bree in particular, the innkeeper will always be called Barliman Butterbur and the inn will always be called the Prancing Pony.

Items Sold[]

Below is a table of values for each item that the player is available to purchase from this NPC. Use this table to find out if your innkeeper is giving you a good deal or not. Each innkeeper will not have every item listed for sale.

Items Sold Price Range Image
Steak 5-9 ( 5  to  9 ) Steak.png
Cooked Porkchop 5-9 ( 5  to  9 ) PorkchopCooked.png
Cooked Mutton 5-9 ( 5  to  9 ) CookedMutton.png
Cooked Chicken 5-8 ( 5  to  8 ) ChickenCooked.png
Cooked Venison 5-9 ( 5  to  9 ) CookedVenison.png
Cooked Rabbit 5-8 ( 5  to  8 ) CookedRabbit.png
Rabbit Stew 8-13 ( 8  to  13  13 ) Rabbit Stew.png
Bread 4-6 ( 4  to  6 ) Bread.png
Mug 2-3 ( 2  to  3 ) Mug.png
Ceramic Mug 2-3 ( 2  to  3 ) CeramicMug.png
Copper Goblet 6-10 ( 6  to  10 ) GobletCopper.png
Wooden Cup 2-3 ( 2  to  3 ) GobletWood.png
2 x Baked Potato 5-9 ( 5  to  9 ) PotatoBaked.png
Cooked Fish 5-8 ( 5  to  8 ) FishCooked.png
Gammon 5-9 ( 5  to  9 ) Gammon.png
Mushroom Stew 8-13 ( 8  to  13  13 ) Mushroom Stew.png
Mushroom Pie 8-13 ( 8  to  13  13 ) Mushroom Pie.png
Leek Soup 8-13 ( 8  to  13  13 ) Leek Soup.png
Fine Plate 3-5 ( 3  to  5 ) Fine Plate.png
Stoneware Plate 2-3 ( 2  to  3 ) Stoneware Plate.png
Ale 6-10 ( 6  to  10 ) Ale.png
Cider 6-10 ( 6  to  10 ) Cider.png
Perry 6-10 ( 6  to  10 ) Perry.png
Mead 6-10 ( 6  to  10 ) Mead.png
Apple Juice 5-8 ( 5  to  8 ) Apple Juice.png
4 x Pipe-weed 6-10 ( 6  to  10 ) Pipeweed.png
Smoking Pipe 19-31 ( 19  19  to  31  31 ) Smoking Pipe.png

Items Bought[]

Below is a table of values for each item that the player can sell to this NPC. Use this table to earn more money by only selling when the prices are high. You will not be able to sell every item to every bartender as each innkeeper will not want to purchase every item listed below.

Items Bought Average Price Image
Raw Beef 2-4 ( 2  to  4 ) RawBeef.png
Raw Porkchop 2-4 ( 2  to  4 ) RawPorkchop.png
Raw mutton 2-4 ( 2  to  4 ) Mutton.png
Raw Chicken 2-4 ( 2  to  4 ) ChickenRaw.png
Raw Rabbit 2-4 ( 2  to  4 ) RawRabbit.png
Raw Venison 2-4 ( 2  to  4 ) Venison.png
Clay Mug 1-1 ( 1  to  1 ) ClayMug.png
Clay Plate 1-1 ( 1  to  1 ) Clay Plate.png
2 x Potato 1-1 ( 1  to  1 ) Potato.png
2 x Leek 1-1 ( 1  to  1 ) Leek.png
Raw Fish 2-3 ( 2  to  3 ) Fish.png
2 x Wheat 1-1 ( 1  to  1 ) Wheat.png
Bucket 2-4 ( 2  to  4 ) Bucket.png
Water Bucket 3-5 ( 3  to  5 ) Water Bucket.png
2 x Coal 1-1 ( 1  to  1 ) Coal.png
Salt 8-13 ( 8  to  13  13 ) Salt.png
Pipe-weed Leaf 2-3 ( 2  to  3 ) PipeweedLeaf.png


[1] - Bree-land Innkeeper only
[2] - Bree-Hobbit Innkeeper only


  • Welcome to the land of Bree!
  • Welcome to The Ugly Ranger!
  • Welcome to The Ugly Ranger, Person!
  • We've been getting more Southerners coming up the Greenway lately.
  • You're not one of them Rangers, are you?
  • It's been raining a lot lately, have you noticed?
  • If you are here for our excellent pipe-weed, we grow them on the southern slopes.
  • Not a lot of people know this, but we in Bree were the first to discover pipe-weed.
  • We aren't getting a lot of travellers from the West anymore.
  • If you plan on heading further East, make sure to stop by the Forsaken Inn - it's the last civilised place that way.
  • I'm originally from Archet, a smaller village by the Chetwood.
  • Combe is all right, but I prefer Bree-hill myself.
  • I love listening to tales and songs from our guests.
  • Every time the Dwarves come by, our coffers are filled with gold and our casks are empty of ale.
  • News came that something is stirring in the East. I hope it doesn't reach Bree.
  • It has been raining an awful lot here lately...
  • There's an old saying here in Bree: when the rain comes, strange folk follow.
  • Rain, rain, rain. Nothing but rain here in Bree. What I would not do for some snow, instead.
  • They say when it rains the best tales are told over a flagon of ale.
  • Welcome, welcome! Oh... what was your name again?
  • We have rooms for Dwarves, Hobbits, even Elves!
  • Join us in the common room, tell a tale or two! We love to hear what's going on outside of Bree!
  • We have a fine company tonight, I do hope you will join us in our merrymaking?
  • Bree-hill has been our home since the first Men came here. [1]
  • I like having the Little Folk around, they do well in keeping the common room cheerful. [1]
  • The Little Folk may not seem as much, but Bree-folk would not be the same without them. [1]
  • I miss the days the Little Folk from the Shire came over to party. Those were good times. [1]
  • The Ugly Ranger has long survived on the patronage of Dwarves and Men, and of course the Little Folk. [1]
  • I would never leave Bree. Not even to visit the Shire. [2]
  • Have you heard any news from the Shire? [2]
  • Any news from the Colonies? [2]
  • We used to get more Colonists coming over, I wonder what stops them? [2]
  • It's nice having the Big Folk around. They are more intimidating against Outsiders. [2]
  • The Big Folk may not seem as much, but Bree would not be the same without them. [2]


  • We have no room for the likes of you in The Ugly Ranger!
  • We've dealt with Ruffians like you before, Person!
  • I knew those Ruffians coming up the Greenway were up to no good!
  • How did you slip past the gatekeeper?
  • I have been in barfights more intimidating than you!
  • Call for the guards, we're under attack!
  • Did somebody do your head in?
  • What is the matter with you, acting like that!
  • There is no room for ill-folk such as you in Bree!
  • Good news everybody! This gentleman's room has just opened up, already paid for!
  • No thank you, your weird antics are bad for business, out!
  • Away with you, vile beggar!
  • Go sleep in the mud, drunkard! I don't want the likes of you in The Ugly Ranger!
  • And here I thought you'd make for good company!
  • Free drinks for whoever lands a hit on this Ruffian!
  • I look forward to watching you get dragged through the mud by the guards, Person!
  • Get out of The Ugly Ranger, you Ruffian!
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