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Bree-land settlements are the villages and hamlets of the big and little-folk of Bree-land. They are lightly defended and more focused on trade than war.

Types of settlements[]

Bree-land Hamlet[]

File:Bree-land Hamlet.png

These settlements are smaller and generate randomly. They always have a well at their centre and a road around it. Surrounding the well are several random structures, most commonly houses (note that market stalls only spawn individually in hamlets). There is sometimes a hedge surrounding the hamlet, similar to that around the villages, with a road leading to a gap in it. There are also hay bales in piles around the buildings.

Bree-land Village[]

Bree-land Village.png

These settlements are far larger, with their boundaries surrounding vast areas of land, although a substantial proportion of the area within is pastures and grassland. All four villages have the same basic layout:

Each is surrounded by a large, circular hedge composed of wooden beams, fences, and leaves, with three gates - one main gate with a gatehouse and two side-gates. Roads lined with lamp-posts run through each village, always with the same pattern. Main roads run from each of the three gates to the village centre. The road leading from the gatehouse is lined by ten houses, and features two side-roads with barns, wells, and stables. Of the other main roads, one has thirteen houses, two Ruffian houses, and a smithy, while the other has nine houses, six Ruffian houses, and a smithy. The village centre contains four gardens, four wells, two markets, an inn, and a sherriff's office. The road from the main gate continues past the village centre and takes on a Z-like shape, winding through the far side of the village; this road is lined by twelve Hobbit burrows.

Finding settlements[]

Hamlets generate randomly throughout Bree-land. Only four villages spawn per world, with one for each of the Bree-land village waypoints (Bree, Staddle, Combe and Archet), a little distance from the road.


The following structures can be found in Bree-land settlements (sorted from smallest to biggest):

Bree-land Lamp-post[]

Bree-land lamp-posts are simple structures designed to light up these settlements. They consist of a mossy cobblestone wall with two fences above, topped with a torch.

Hay Bales[]

Hay bales can found piled around hamlets between the other buildings.

Bree-land Well[]

Bree-land wells are small structures used to supply the needs of thirsty travellers and locals alike. They are found in the centre of all hamlets and in various locations in villages.

Bree-land Market Stall[]

Bree-land market stalls are small structures that house a trader (either one of the market traders, a blacksmith or a farmer) and display some of their wares. There is a variety for each trader and they can be found individually in hamlets (occasionally) and in fours in the markets found in the centre of villages.

Bree-land Gate[]

Bree-land gates are the smaller gates that guard the two side entrances to villages, using a simple wooden portcullis.

Bree-land Garden[]

Bree-land gardens are small enclosed areas for the Bree-landers to relax after a busy day of eating, drinking and smoking. Four of them can be found near the centre of villages.

Bree-hobbit Burrow[]

Bree-hobbit burrows are smaller versions of the more well-known Hobbit holes found in the Shire. They are one-room houses built into the hills on the far side of villages (and sometimes in hamlets), which each contain twelve burrows. These cosy homes have small gardens out front, and an interior containing two beds, two chests, a cauldron, a furnace, and a Bree-land crafting table.

Bree-land Gatehouse[]

Bree-land gatehouses protect the main entrance to each village. The larger gate is adjoined by a small shack home to a guard. Gatehouses are quite cramped, with only a bed, a small table, and a chest of odds and ends inside. Outside the gate is a post with the name of the village.

Bree-land House[]

Bree-land houses are the basic dwellings that most Bree-Men live in. They are cosy houses made of drystone, wood, and thatch, of which villages each contain 32 (they are also commonly found in hamlets). These houses have small exterior gardens, a kitchen containing a furnace and a chest, a main room with stairs to the upper level, regular and Bree-land crafting table, and small tables, a small backyard, and an attic with a bed, chest, rug, and occasionally some potted plants.

Bree-land Ruffian House[]

Bree-land ruffian houses are broken-down, darker, overgrown variants of the regular houses that are home to Ruffians. These houses are largely identical to the others in the villages, but are in considerably worse shape. Eight can be found in each village, and they can occasionally be found in hamlets.

Bree-land ruffian houses have hidden trapdoors near the backyard door covered by leaves. They lead to cobweb-covered cellars with valuable treasures (gold, coins, mithril nuggets) and pipe-weed.

They have a sign on the fence outside that will say one of the following things:

  • Keep Out
  • Visitors Unwelcome
  • Stay Away
  • No Visitors
  • Private Property
  • Ruffian House
  • Please Turn Away
  • Enter At Your Own Risk
  • Enter At Your Own Peril
  • Ruffians Only
  • Turn Around And Go Home
  • Uninhabited

Bree-land Smithy[]

Bree-land smithies are special houses inhabited by blacksmiths. Smithies have a yard in front containing two armour stands, an alloy forge, a cauldron, an anvil, an unsmeltery, and a wall-mounted rolling pin. Inside can be found a chest, a small table, more weapon racks and armour stands, and both a Bree-land and a regular crafting table. Smithies also contain a small bedroom, featuring a bed and a barrel. Two can be found in each village and they can rarely be found in hamlets.

Bree-land Stables[]

Bree-land stables are low, long buildings that house tamed horses for visitors to take. Each building has four stalls, each with a hay bale, a cauldron, and one to two horses; the area between has piles of hay bales and an iron sword mounted on the wall opposite the gate. A small room in the back houses the stable owner, and contains a bed, a chest, a crafting table, and a barrel. Two can be found in each village, and they can rarely be found in hamlets.

Bree-land Sherriff Office[]

Bree-land sherriff offices are large, stately houses home to a sherriff, one of which spawns in each village (and they can occasionally be found in hamlets). The ground floor of the office contains a main room with a closet containing a chest of valuables, a guest-room with two beds and a chest, and a pantry with a chest, barrel, and Hobbit oven. The upper floor contains a table with food, regular and Bree-land crafting tables, a desk, and the Sherriff's bedroom to one side. An attic, accessible by ladder, contains a bed, thatch and cobwebs, and occasionally some chests, and is presumably used as a lock-up.

Bree-land Inn[]

Bree-land inns are the heart of every self-respecting village. They are some of the most important structures in the region, one of which can be found at the centre of each village (and occasionally in hamlets). Each inn contains a large ground-floor common room with tables and a fireplace, as well as the innkeeper's stall, which contains a furnace, cauldron, chest, and two barrels. The upper level has its own small common area with four rooms off on the sides. Two of these rooms contain a single bed and an empty chest, while the other two have two levels, with a bed on each, a table on the lower floor, and a chest on the upper floor.

Above the entrance there is a block with a sign on each outward side stating the name of the inn (such as The Laughing Southerner). Immediately above the door there is a sign stating the name of the innkeeper (such as 'by Barliman Butterbur').

Bree-land Barn[]

Bree-land barns are large, two-floored structures that are typically surrounded by bales of hay. Barns feature four stalls similar to (but smaller than) those found in stables, with farm animals instead of horses, as well as a gate on either end, a water trough, two large chests, and plenty of hay. The upper floor of the barn consists of a pair of hay lofts, one of which features a chest; a chest of valuables can be found in the rafters between. Two can be found in each village, and they can rarely be found in hamlets.

Bree-land Market[]

Bree-land markets are lively trading hubs home to four trader stalls, each housing one of a selection of possible traders. These stalls are grouped around a small market centrepiece, which is built around a tree. Two markets can be found in each village but they cannot be found in hamlets.

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