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Bree-land sherriffs are NPCs found in their offices found in Bree-land settlements (near the centre of villages and sometimes in hamlets) from whom you can hire Bree-land units. They're easily recognisable by their leather hats and the silver coin they hold in their left hand and book and quill in their right.

Upon hiring a unit from a sherriff, the player earns the achievement "The Greenway Watch".


As with most trading NPC's, sherriffs stick to themselves most of the time, unless they're attacked, in which case they will defend themselves using their iron sword or pike. If hurt, they will quickly heal themselves once they are no longer in combat.


At an alignment level of +100 with Bree-land, you can talk to the sherriff and he will show you a screen that allows you to hire units. The prices and alignment requirements are as follows:

Unit Unpledged Cost (Silver Coins) Pledged Cost (Silver Coins) Alignment Required (Bree-land) Requires Pledge (Bree-land)
Bree-land Guard 20-40 ( 20  to  40 ) 10-20 ( 10  to  20 ) +100 No
Bree-land Banner Bearer 40-80 ( 40  to  80 ) 20-40 ( 20  to  40 ) +250 No



  • Ah, Person! How are things out there?
  • You need any assistance, Person?
  • Are those Southerners causing any issue?
  • Whatever is going on in the South, I hope it doesn't reach our community.
  • What is it? Do you need me to ring the town bell?
  • It's almost harvesting season, we could use a few more men to keep a look-out.
  • Pardon me for being blunt, Person, but I am glad that you aren't one of them Ruffians.
  • Keep an eye out for those Ruffians if you can.
  • Word's been getting around about them Black Riders, have you seen them?
  • Any troubling news you ought to tell me, Person?


  • We don't take orders from Outsiders, move along.
  • Stay out of our business, and we won't have to get involved with yours.
  • So how long did you plan on staying, exactly?
  • Are you one of those who came up the Greenway?
  • You don't look like a ranger to me, what's your business in Bree?
  • As I told your pal, we have not heard of any Baggins around here.
  • We've had a lot of strange folk pass through as of late, my men are too busy to help you right now.
  • I don't mean ill, but I don't know you half as well as I ought to know you to entrust my men to you.
  • You don't seem much like commander material to me, no offense.
  • If you are desperate for men, try the Ruffians up Deadmen's Dike.


  • We have no room for the likes of you in Bree!
  • Flee to the hills, to the rest of your kind!
  • We've dealt with Ruffians like you before, Person!
  • Begone, before we send the hounds after you!
  • I knew those Ruffians coming up the Greenway were up to no good!
  • Don't come bringing trouble to our peaceful village, why you.
  • There is no room for ill-folk such as you in Bree!
  • I don't even need my men to handle you.
  • The midges are more of a threat than you.
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