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Buckets are tools used to carry water, lava, or milk.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

vanilla crafting recipe
Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot

Usage[edit | edit source]

Empty buckets can be used to pick up water or lava source blocks by right clicking on a block of the relevant type. Similarly one can use a bucket on a cow, a mooshroom, an auroch, or a kine of araw to fill a bucket with milk.

A bucket filled with a source block can be used to place the source block on a surface by right clicking on any solid block.

Facts[edit | edit source]

  • A bucket full of milk can only be emptied by drinking it or by crafting.
  • An empty bucket can be used to empty a full cauldron, filling the bucket with water.
  • Many NPCs want buckets for their quest, sometimes they will ask for water buckets.
  • Buckets are needed to craft barrels.
  • They are also an essential tool for brewing.
  • Drinks added by the Mod can't be filled in buckets. Therefore buckets can't be used in beverage crafting recipes.

Minecraft Blocks & Items Bucket

Trivia[edit | edit source]

In the Pocket Edition, buckets can hold any block, with the data value corresponding with what will be placed. An exception to this is stone, whose data value is replaced by the milk bucket. Keep in mind all of the special buckets can only be obtained with an external editor. They have the normal bucket sprite.

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