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When he could, he saw all round him a sea of dark green, ruffled here and there by the breeze; and there were everywhere hundreds of butterflies. I expect they were a kind of 'purple emperor,' a butterfly that loves the tops of oak-woods, but these were not purple at all, they were a dark dark velvety black without any markings to be seen.

The Hobbit, Flies and Spiders

Butterflies are harmless mobs that can be seen in many biomes in Middle-earth. They come in many different colors such as red, white, orange, yellow, and purple. In Mirkwood, the purple butterflies emit a purple trail of glowing particles. Among the Mallorn trees in Lothlórien you can see white butterflies that emit a blue, yellow, white or green trail of glowing particles. In Far Harad, an abundance of flamboyantly coloured butterflies can be found. If you kill a butterfly, you get the achievement "Merciless" and earn the respective title.

Since Public Beta 22 you can catch a butterfly in a jar, by holding an empty jar in your hand and right clicking on a butterfly. It will give you the achievement "Fluttering By".

Note: The butterflies will always be facing the player, just like an enchantment table's book.

Three common butterflies locked in jars.

Exotic Far Harad butterflies.

All butterflies currently in the mod.

The Mod currently holds 12 different types of butterflies, shown in the image to the left. Top row: Five common ones and one of Lothlórien. Bottom row: Five jungle ones and one of Mirkwood.

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