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Camels are creatures which are ridden by the peoples of Near Harad and spawn naturally in all regions of Near Harad. They are a passive mob.

Wild camels can be tamed and saddled (Saddle.png), similarly to most other mounts in the mod.

Taming and Riding[]

Taming and riding this creature is performed the same way as horses: the player needs to get onto the camel's back with an empty hand over and over until the camel agrees to carry the player. Earlier on in the mod's history, it was possible only to put the saddle (Saddle.png) on the camel and be ready to go.

After that, the player can put a saddle (Saddle.png) on the camel and ride around. Upon placing the saddle, the player will get the achievement "Master of Humps".

The camel cannot be equipped with armour. Instead, you can place a carpet of your favourite colour in their armour slot to give it a nice personal touch and reduce the severity of posterior sandpapering while riding the sandy seas.

Camels that spawn in a Harnennor Desert Camp, have chests equipped, but these cannot be removed. Camels can have chests equipped similarly to donkeys by right-clicking them with a chest.

The view from the back of a camel


When a Camel is killed, it will drop 0-2 Leather (Leather.png) and 0-2 pieces of raw Camel Meat (CamelRaw.png).


Camels can be bred after being tamed. For breeding, right-click each camel you wish to breed with one bundle of wheat (Wheat.png); it will then enter love mode, as is usual with horses. However, using golden apples (GoldenApple.png) or golden carrots (GoldenCarrot.png) will show hearts when fed to the camels, but does not start "love" mode.

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