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Camel meat is a food item dropped by camels upon death.


Raw and cooked camel meat have the same nutritional value as the meat of zebra. It's a valuable resource for those who seek the comfort of the extremities offered by the biomes of Near Harad.


Camel meat can be obtained by killing camels that live in Near Harad.

It can also be found (cooked) in some Southron houses or bought from a Merchant of Harad.

If you want a steadier supply of it, you can also create a camel farm, breeding tamed camels with wheat.


They can be eaten raw for 2 ( 2 ) hunger points or they can be cooked and eaten for 6 ( 6 ) hunger points. This is how to get the best of this meat:

heat needed
raw camel meat
any kind of fuel
cooked camel meat
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