There are many different pieces of armour in Middle-earth: for good factions, evil factions, as well as for mounts. There are also some that do not belong to any particular faction (such as Mithril armour, hats and bronze armour) but have been added to make more use of some of the mod's additions.


All armour in Update 34.

Evil Armour Sets (Part 1)
Angmar Helmet HelmetBlackUruk HelmetDolGuldur HelmetDunlending HelmetGundabadUruk HelmetHalfTroll HelmetMordor HelmetMoredain
Angmar Chestplate BodyBlackUruk BodyDolGuldur BodyDunlending BodyGundabadUruk BodyHalfTroll BodyMordor BodyMoredain
Angmar Leggings LegsBlackUruk LegsDolGuldur LegsDunlending LegsGundabadUruk LegsHalfTroll LegsMordor LegsMoredain
Angmar Boots BootsBlackUruk BootsDolGuldur BootsDunlending BootsGundabadUruk BootsHalfTroll BootsMordor BootsMoredain
Evil Armour Sets (Part 2)
Near Harad warlord helmet Rhûnic Warlord Helmet HelmetUrukBerserker
HelmetMoredainLion Morgul Helmet HelmetNearHarad Rhûnic Helmet Golden Rhûnic Helmet HelmetUruk HelmetUtumno
BodyMoredainLion Morgul Chestplate BodyNearHarad Rhûnic Chestplate Golden Rhûnic Chestplate BodyUruk BodyUtumno
LegsMoredainLion Morgul Leggings LegsNearHarad Rhûnic Leggings Golden Rhûnic Leggings LegsUruk LegsUtumno
BootsMoredainLion Morgul Boots BootsNearHarad Rhûnic Boots Golden Rhûnic Boots BootsUruk BootsUtumno
HelmetTauredainGold  Armour sets in Middle-earth  Morgul Boots

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