A Mordor Spider and Jungle Scorpion engaging in a fight.

Arthropods are a subset of invertebrates that have a hard outer shell, known as an exoskeleton that consists of reinforced chitin, the same substance that the cell-walls of fungi are made of. They include chelicerates - arachnids, such as spiders (araneomorphs, mygalomorphs, and mesothelae), scorpions, solifugae and others, insects - the largest and most successful order, crustaceans, and myriapods - most notably chilopods (centipedes, such as scolopendromorphs, lithobiomorphs and scutigeromorphs), and diplopods (millipedes, examples including the spirobolids and polydesmids). Generaly, arthropods in the mod are hostile, the exeptions being Mordor and Mirkwood spiders, which belong to factions, and the passive butterfly.

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