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The Mod holds quite a lot of different blacksmiths. Normally, they can be found in settlements and there in smithies. There are also some goldsmiths. Those aren't capable of proper smithing as described below.

Mostly, you need +50 alignment with their faction to be able to trade with them, some even require +100. Besides of talking, trading, and exchanging coins, they are also able to smith your tools, weapons and armour for money, if you don't have the materials to do it yourself on an anvil, or you don't want to spend them.

It works in nearly the same way like on the anvil, except that you dont't have to spend materials (lower slot greyed out). Instead, you spend coins. If the price shows up in red, you do not have enough coins left for the smithing.

Note: A blacksmith can only work with items of certain factions. This means, he/she is not neccesarily limited to their own faction, but there might be certain items, they are not capable or willing to work with. The reforge icon showing up in the lower left corner indicates, that the smith is able to work with the item. In this case, if adding a scroll won't work, it means, that the modifier isn't suitable for this item.

Repairing and renaming[]

Repairing and renaming a blue dwarven pickaxe at the same time.

To repair damaged items, put the item into the left slot. A message will show up, displaying the repair costs, if the smith is capabale to do it. If desired, you can also rename the item, just edit the name in the grey area at the top. This increases the costs. Take out the repaired/renamed item from the right slot. Renaming can be combined with all actions below, except for reforging.


Combining two bronze daggers into one.

If you've got two items of the same kind, a blacksmith can combine those for you. Select a new name, if desired. The result (in the right slot) holds the attibutes of both items, and the durabilities add up. If you do this in you personal crafting grid, you lose the modifiers.


Adding a scroll to a Gondorian chestplate.

To add a modifier to an item, put the item into the left slot, and a suitable scroll into the upper slot. Not all combinations work. Select a new name, if you want to, and then take out the altered item from the right slot.


Trying to reforge a blue dwarven pickaxe. But this is too expensive, therefore the costs are displayed in red.

If you are unhappy with the attributes, an item has, you can reroll the dice by reforging it. Just hover over the small hammer icon the lower left corner to display the reforging costs. Then left click the reforge hammer. This also repairs damaged items. Take out the reforged item from the left (input) slot.

Warning: This doesn't only add new modifiers, you also lose the previous ones.

Easter Egg[]

Each time, an oddment collector works on your items, the names get changed. In addition, there is a chance, that the item will be ruined afterwards.

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