Table Command

Several captains standing around a Table of Command

Captains are a special type of NPC in the Mod from which you can hire units.


Unlike most normal NPCs, which spawn anywhere in their respective biome provided certain conditions are met, captains are "bound" to certain structures. This means that they won't leave their structure under normal conditions. Also, unlike normal NPCs, captains won't attack the player when they have a negative alignment with their faction, although they will of course defend themselves of they're attacked. If they're hurt and not in combat, they will heal very quickly when compared to normal NPCs (as quickly as hired units, to be exact). Should a captain be slain, a large floating silver coin will appear, and the captain will respawn within an hour or so. Finally, a captain often has more health than a normal NPC of that faction.

Hiring unitsEdit

The most important characteristic of captains is that they allow you to hire units, if you have adequate alignment with their factions, and enough money to pay for the units. As you gain alignment with the faction, you will get better and better deals on the units you hire. They can also sell you a Horn of Conquest if you have lots of money and alignment.

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