A key feature of the alignment system is the ability to use special crafting tables unique to a number of different factions. Each of these new crafting tables allows access to a whole new range of recipes including tools, weapons, blocks and other items which cannot be crafted on the standard table. However, if a player's alignment with the corresponding faction is 0 or lower, they cannot use the table and it will instead emit a puff of smoke when clicked.

Obtaining Edit

It is also important to note that you can't craft any faction's crafting table unless you find a naturally generated one. For example, you won't be able to craft a High Elven crafting table until you find a naturally generated one. You will have to craft your own High Elven crafting table using the naturally generated one.

You can also steal the naturally generated one, when you don't have the necessary alignment. But why do you need this crafting table, when you can't use it? And when you are a friend of that faction, why do you steal it?

Recipes Edit

Each crafting table page contains a collapsible list of (hopefully) all crafting recipes. Click the "Expand" button to see it.

There are also a few uncraftable but faction-related items included, like the marriage ring of the Dwarves, which can only be bought. Also, most factions use a poisoned dagger. It is always crafted on the vanilla crafting table from the faction specific dagger and a bottle of poison.

In addition. the list also shows some smelting recipes, as some items (cracked bricks and pillars) are not obtained by crafting, but by smelting. That's just in case you wonder, how to get the source blocks needed for crafting.

Faction-specific Crafting Tables

Blue MountainsDalishDol AmrothDorwinionDwarvenGaladhrimGondorian

AngmarDol GuldurDunlendingGulfenGundabadHalf-troll

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